Suburra: Blood On Rome – Season 3 Episode 5 Recap & Review


We begin episode 5 of Suburra Season 3 with another flashback, this time with Manfredi and Spadino. As they stand together, Manfredi discusses how to control beasts. He also teaches his brother how to knife someone and the difference between fake and real gold. He promises to always be there for him and embraces the boy warmly.

In the present, Spadino greets the three thugs he has strung up following the incident in North Rome. As one is shot dead, Spadino asks for a name. Getting nowhere, the other is shot dead and now this assailant is willing to spill everything he knows.

Meanwhile, Aureliano apologises to Nadia for the incident at Spadino’s house. While he does, Angelica confronts Titto at the café. Given the attack occurred on his turf, she demands he pay up. Specifically, she wants a bigger percentage cut than what he’s offering.

Cinaglia arrives before the Cardinal while he’s praying and confirms he got his message – Alice. He tells Nascari they need to get along but he refuses to do so thanks to Spadino and Aureliano.

Meanwhile, Spadino visits Aureliano and tells him the issue at the party was all Manfredi’s doing. He was the one who encouraged his boys to bring guns there. He apologises for doubting him but finds himself in a difficult position. Aureliano tells him Manfredi has to die now.

When Aureliano leaves, he greets Flavio and the duo drive off together. He tasks Flavio to follow Titto around to make sure he’s safe and not a mole. It turns out he’s planning a coo to usurp Titto’s position and place Flavio there instead.

Meanwhile, Manfredi makes his move and gathers the family together, urgin them to back him given the family needs more brains leading this operation. All of them are in agreement over this too from the looks of it.

While Manfredi makes moves, Aureliano visits Sibilla and shows how rattled he is. She implores him to try and get along with Cinaglia, especially given he’s the smart guy and could help the boys get ahead. Because of Samurai’s death, she agrees they can do business together but that invitation does not extend further beyond that.

Angelica arrives and greets Nadia, who’s also having a rough time of it – especially since finding out about Manfredi. Angelica prays for her friend but she’s not the only one praying either.

Alice prays for her husband with the Cardinal, who quickly changes his tune from his earlier outbursts. She’s having none of it though, especially given this tranquil place has actually given her some comfort, and is determined to follow through with outing her husband.

Cinaglia confronts Badali again, feeding back what he learned about the Cardinal and how he wants the boys out of this deal. Alice is dead set on reporting him of course, putting Cinaglia in a difficult position over the best way of proceeding forward. Even worse, he learns the Professor has apparently committed suicide and jumped out his window.

This brings him back to Sabilla whom he speaks to plainly around what’s been happening. It’s a short meeting but one that’s designed to remind her he’s not as soft as everyone is making him out to be.

Spadino returns home and confronts Manfredi about his power play. He knows about the betrayal and holds Manfredi up at knifepoint. This, of course, is a throwback to that earlier flashback we saw but Spadino is not able to do it; he can’t kill his own flesh and blood.

Manfredi taunts his brother, calling him a coward and how Angelica is the one in control in their relationship. It’s a big moment for him and one that sees this family well and truly split in half. Manfredi holds a meeting not long after with the intention of officially taking over.

Meanwhile, Spadino wallows in self pity as he sits outside with Aureliano. At the same time, Angelica is forced out of her car by Manfredi who tells her to join him. There, he pitches the idea to her of jumping ship and bunking up with him instead.

Midway through talking, they’re attacked on the road by an enraged Aureliano who shows up firing at their car.

With both cars stopped, Angelica held up at knife-point and Aureliano on the war-path, Aureliano makes a big decision and is unable to sacrifice his friend’s wife. Annoyed, he drives away from the scene with Manfredi still very much alive.

The Episode Review

What a dramatic way to end the episode! It’s been coming for a while but the simmering tensions finally boil over in the form of Aureliano’s enraged hit and run.

As we’ve seen across this season, Manfredi is smart and once again manages to foil Aureliano’s plans. He looks set to take over the family properly and if he does, all hell will most certainty break loose.

With the finale up next, everything is set up nicely for a dramatic finish to this series. While the season hasn’t quite matched what we’ve seen before, the scene is set for an explosive finish to end this one on a bang.

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