Stargirl – Season 2 Episode 6 Recap & Review

Summer School: Chapter Six

Episode 6 of Stargirl Season 2 begins with Yolanda working but struggling to make a good impression. However, Isaac shows up sitting at the diner, antagonizing her. “I know what you and your friends did,” He says through gritted teeth, slamming his fists on the table and walking away.

Meanwhile, Beth finds herself coming face to face with Artemis who promises to get her own back, or a “jock VS nerd” fight, as she so eloquently puts it.

Courtney and Pat end up searching through the art studio and find a big clue over what’s been going on. A painting of Cindy holding the black diamond immediately causes alarm bells to ring. As they go on the hunt, Cindy visits Mike, inviting him along to join her team. And Mike’s purpose in all this? Well, Cindy wants him to be bait.

At the garage, Isaac and Artemis both show up, manhandling Pat and forcing him into the hospital. While he’s out of commission, the kids examine the robot, which has been smashed up pretty good.

Cindy’s team is certainly shaping up to be a force to be reckoned with, and the new ISA leader decides now’s the time to call out Courtney.

While Courtney assembles her own team to take out the new ISA, Beth calls on Shade and tells the British guy that Cindy has the diamond. As he contemplates his next move, the JSA kids square off against the ISA at the school gym.

To be fair it’s not much of a fight and the ISA are defeated pretty easily. With Isaac’s violin broken and Artemis as useful as a chocolate teapot, it falls to Cindy to use the diamond.

Only, Shade suddenly shows up between the two and demands she hand over the diamond. Instead, Eclipso consumes Cindy, forcing Courtney to get involved and try to stop everything getting out of hand. She flies on her staff, hitting the diamond before everything explodes into a dazzling burst of colour.

While the townsfolk puzzle over the newly formed eclipse outside, in the school Eclipso makes swift work of Artemis and Isaac. The gang watch in horror as he consumes Isaac and takes Cindy away. Artemis however, runs away.

Eclipso stabs Shade, sending the man high-tailing it away, before disappearing himself. With Cindy and Isaac both dead and Artemis AWOL, this new ISA threat comes to an end as quickly as it began.

Eclipso meanwhile, transforms into a little kid and giggles, preparing for the next stage of his plan.

The Episode Review

So the new ISA ends with a pretty indifferent shrug after so much build-up for this new team. That’s a shame too as the show had a lot of promise with this storyline that’s been teased all the way back at the end of season 1. Seeing it just fizzle out like this is a bit disappointing.

However, Eclipso is finally here and his arrival spells big trouble for everyone involved. There’s a lot riding on this storyline and given some of the disappointing CW efforts over the years, Stargirl season 2 has not been as strong as its first season. Still, there is just about enough here to stick with for the time being – especially given how prolific Eclipso is.

To be fair though, the episode does have a fair amount of action that keeps things feeling swift and exciting, leading to a big skirmish with the ISA kids at the end. It’s a bit of a shame the fight is so one-sided though, and Cindy just being dispatched like that is certainly an absolute shocker.

Despite some obvious gripes, Stargirl delivers a really enjoyable episode here, leaving the door wide open for the rest of the season.

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