Spiritbox – The Fear Of Fear | Album Review

Track Listing

Cellar Door 
Too Close/Too Late 
Angel Eyes 
The Void 


Sorrow bubbles under the screams and voices buckle under the growls, but when the music hits, it delivers impact. This EP from the starlet’s Spiritbox is a small collection that packs an almighty punch, conveying pain through lyrics that resonate. The Fear Of Fear is a commanding piece of dark artistry and it shows the band’s guile and adeptness at creating shuddering songs that aren’t half-baked.  

Throughout the EP, the band play loud and fast, with the guitar wonderment on centre stage. It’s explosive and never redundant, pushing the band to their limitations without anything becoming stretched. They know how to muster up the strength to create memorable choruses and the fundamentals are all there too.  

There are 6 songs on this EP. ‘Jaded’ is a standout, creating a cutting atmosphere. It’s explosive when the chorus comes in, with those clean vocals a soothing embrace, although the screams increase the sonic values.  

‘Angel Eyes’ breaks through, starting a war in words. It trembles with brilliant guitar work, and the screams are intense. It seems the band is hurting here.  

‘The Void’ measures up and the clean vocals calm the rush. The instrumentals are on point yet again, and this track tells tales of strife.  

Spiritbox embrace the dark side with their new EP, and they don’t do things half-halfheartedly   

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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