Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Boss Guide: Tips on defeating Mister Negative

Miles Morales has a score to settle with Mister Negative (Martin Li) in the mission “No Escape.” This bad guy was given a mention in the last Spider-Man title when Mrs Morales blamed him for the death of young Spidey’s father. 

If you were emotionally tied up in Miles’s story in the previous game, you might want to get your revenge on Mister Negative too. So, to ensure positive results in this boss battle, check out our tips below.

Phase One

Throughout the battle with Mister Negative, there are a few tactics that will help you survive the mission.

Firstly, never stay still. Mister Negative will dash towards your position with some fast-moving attacks. If you stay on the move, you’ll have less chance at taking significant damage.

Of course, you can’t zip around the arena forever as you do need to take this bad guy down. Our advice? Web him up. He will break out of your webbing eventually but for the few seconds when he is stuck, you’ll have chance to Web Strike him before he can make another move on you. Webbing him up will also give you time to heal if you need to.

During the fight, use all of the gadgets and abilities you have at your disposal to deal him some damage. Reverse Flux (L1 and circle) is particularly damaging as it gives you a small window of opportunity to attack him further. 

These tips will help you through every phase of the fight, so keep them in mind during your playthrough.

In Phase 1, Mister Negative will perform a number of moves. These include:

– Sweeping Ground Attack – Li will lower his blade to the ground and send out an energy wave towards you. To avoid damage, press the X button to jump over it.

– Lunge Attack – Li will sometimes pull up his sword and dash towards you. Your Spidey-Sense will tingle so dodge or parry Li’s attack when your sense turn red.

– Lightning Attack – When Li slams his blade to the ground, it will send out a lightning strike in your direction. You can’t parry this attack so dodge out of the way to avoid getting fried. 

– Projectile Attack – Li will fire projectiles at you that need to be dodged. During this attack, he will be immobile for a few seconds so take advantage of this and deal him some damage. 

If you follow our tips, you should have little trouble surviving this round. But if you do struggle during Phase 1 or any of the other phases, lower the difficulty to make your life a little easier. 

Phase 2

The fight gets tougher this round as Mister Negative puts up a shield to protect himself from damage. From within his shield, he will send out blades and tornados that will bring down your health bar if you don’t dodge out of the way. 

Thankfully, you can break through Li’s protective barrier with the Chain Lighting (L1 and square) ability. When Li is staggered, use your basic attack moves, gadgets, and abilities to whittle down his health. 

You don’t only have blades and tornados to deal with this round as Li will also use the attack moves from the previous phase. These are much faster than before though so you’ll need to be quick on the dodge or parry buttons to avoid being harmed.

Phase 3

Here’s a positive – Mister Negative has nothing new to throw at you this round. He uses all the attack moves he used previously, although he’s a lot faster this time, so we guess it’s not all good news!

However, if you have got the timing down for your dodge moves, you should be okay, so keep moving and get in a few attacks of your own when you get the opportunity. 

When Mister Negative’s health is almost at zero, he will put up a shield again. Break through it using your Chain Lightning ability to bring an end to this phase of the fight.

Phase 4

Here’s where things get weird as Mister Negative transports you from the fighting arena to a world of his own making.

For the first part of this battle, you will chase Li who is now in the form of a giant demon. Web swing and web glide in pursuit of the fiend and dodge the falling skyscrapers and the waves of energy that he will send your way.

When the chase is over, you will be forced to battle the physical embodiments of your inner demons. There are quite a lot of them but you can get rid of a few at once by using your Reverse Flux (L1 and circle) ability to deal electrical damage to any demons surrounding you.

Once you have cleared the ground (and your head) of your inner demons, the fight against Mister Negative will be over. 


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Hopefully, this boss guide will help you take down Mister Negative! Are we missing anything here that you’d recommend players know? Do let us know in the comments below!


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