Soundtrack #2 – K-drama Episode 3 Recap & Review

 Why Did We Break Up?

Episode 3 of Soundtrack #2 starts with Su-ho, K, and Hyeon-seo discussing how they have met in the same place. K requests Hyeon-seo to collaborate with him to make his music unique. Hyeon-seo feels flattered but declines to work with him, which Su-ho initially agrees with.

K then requests her to help him with something he will work from outside. At this point, Su-ho intervenes, tells him to work from the house, and agrees for Hyeon-seo to help him play the keyboard. As the two start working together, we can see their cordial. On the other hand, Su-ho is getting jealous and recalls when he could play piano with Hyeon-seo in the past. 

Meanwhile, K seems to enjoy working with Hyeon-seo and compliments her for her outstanding work. He also appears to be growing fond of her, which irritates Su-ho. When asked about their performance, Su-ho claims their tunes are not harmonic while grappling with his feelings. 

The scene action shifts to Hyeon-seo juggling her bills and thinking about her music career. While playing the piano, she gets a call from K, who invites her to grab a beer with him. The duo discusses their interest in music and piano as they enjoy their drink. Though Hyeon-seo claims that her love for piano has faded, K challenges him, and she realises that she enjoyed playing it with him. 

On the other hand, Su-ho is frustrated that K seems to like Hyeon-seo, and saying they’re a perfect duo agitates him more. Before he can take his medicine, K returns and is overly excited that Hyeon-seo has agreed to work with him. K also admits that he likes her and happily goes to bed.

Su-ho notices that he’s drunk and realises they must have been drinking together, which also makes his emotions go haywire. Su-ho calls Hyeon-seo, but she responds with a simple “what” text. So he calls again, asking her to meet him right there, and she’s shocked when he hoots right in front of her house. He hands her a contract to sign since she agreed to work with K. 

Su-ho makes an excuse to question her feelings toward K, and she gives him non-committal answers. He feels that if she tells K about their past, it will jeopardise their working relationship.

However, that does not bother Hyeon-seo, who says she will work with K in her house because she also has a piano. The intrusive thoughts keep Su-ho awake, and he again starts experiencing the screeching sound. 

The following day, K, Hyeon-seo, and Su-ho agree to work together, this time from Su-ho’s house. It’s clear that she’s drawn to K, making Su-ho irritated. She explains the deal to her friend and admits she loves K’s songs, the only reason she agrees to work as a trio. 

Hyeon-seo arrives at Su-ho’s home, and both men are excited. Although she likes K more, Su-ho tries to overcompensate her with things. As they go grocery shopping, Su-ho seems annoyed to see them talking happily. Back at home, Hyeon-seo prepares a sumptuous meal, which K compliments. Su-ho notices the scar on Hyeon-seo’s wrist and recalls his past. 

Through a flashback, Su-ho used to watch YouTube videos the entire day. One day, Hyeon-seo returned only to find that he had not cleaned the place despite being home all day. He told her that whatever he did was not wasting time but chasing his future dreams. 

In the present time, Su-ho says he’s where he is now because of her. Shortly, the necessary working equipment is delivered. Again, K and Hyeon-seo have an excellent working relationship. After the light-changing incident, old feelings and jealousy resurface.

Afterwards, K gives Hyeon-seo a heating pad for her scar, though it’s an old one. Later that night, neither Su-ho nor Hyeon-seo could catch sleep even after watching a therapeutic video. The duo go for a walk, and that’s when Su-ho realises she has had surgery.

Unfortunately, the doctor scheduled surgery for December 4th, which was the exact day of the trip. That’s how she ended up missing the trip to Santiago. However, Hyeon-seo claims they could have still broken up even without her going to surgery. He asks her why their relationship could not have worked. 

In the bonus track, while taking beer, Hyeon-seo agrees to work with K. She reiterates that he never pressured her into it. Hyeon-seo decided to take a job to bid a beautiful and meaningful goodbye to her music career. This is likely her last opportunity to do so, and she claims that she hates work-related music. 

The Episode Review

The episode keeps revealing the truth about the main leads. Human emotions are evident, and jealousy is taking centre stage. After learning that Hyeon-seo had surgery, Su-ho might go easy on her.

Because the episode runtime is short, it keeps things entertaining and funny. There are very few filler scenes, which helps in keeping the viewers captivated and focused on the main storyline. All in all, things are folding in bits, and everything is becoming more apparent. 

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