Sound! Euphonium Season 3 Episode 5 Preview: Release Date, Time, & Where To Watch

Sound! Euphonium Season 3

Sound! Euphonium Season 3 is a new sequel in the Sound! Euphonium series. This is set after the Ensemble Contest arc OVA that aired in 2023. In Season 3, we’ll continue following our protagonist Kumiko Oumae during her third year of school. After becoming her band’s president, Kumiko is determined to help Kitauji High School claim its long-awaited victory at nationals.  

If you’ve been following this anime, you may be curious to know when the next episode will be released. Well, wonder no more!

Sound! Euphonium Season 3 Episode 5 Release Date

The entire schedule for Sound! Euphonium Season 3 so far is as follows:

  • Episode 5 – May 5th 2024

Episode 5 will be released on Sunday 5th May at 5pm (JST) / 8am (GMT) / 4am (ET) / 1am (PT). This is a weekend show, with 1 episode releasing each week on Sundays.

Expect episode 5 to be roughly 25 minutes long, which is consistent with the timeframe for the rest of the show.

Where Can I Watch Sound! Euphonium Season 3?

Sound! Euphonium Season 3 will air on Crunchyroll for global audiences like prior seasons. In Japan, it’ll be streaming on the NHK E-Tele Network that week before moving across to terrestrial TV. There, it will also be available to watch on networks like Abema TV, WOWOW, and others. Also, it’ll be available in Japan on streaming services like Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, and Hulu. 

How Many Episodes Will Sound! Euphonium Season 3 Have?

Sound! Euphonium Season 3 is expected to have 13 episodes. With that in mind, 8 episodes are remaining after this one. As long as the schedule doesn’t change, it should look something like this:

  • Episode 6 – May 12th
  • Episode 7 – May 19th
  • Episode 8 – May 26th
  • Episode 9 – June 2nd
  • Episode 10 – June 9th 
  • Episode 11 – June 16th
  • Episode 12 – June 23rd
  • Episode 13 – June 30th

Is There A Trailer for This Anime?

There is indeed! You can check out the brand-new trailer below:

What Happened In Episode 4?

In Sound! Euphonium Season 3 Episode 4, Kumiko and the others practice for SunFes. Motomu gets into a heated argument with another bandmate, but Midori resolves it. Then, she, Kumiko, and others discuss Gen’ichirou and his affiliation with Motomu. Kumiko and the others wonder if there’s bad blood between Motomu and Gen’ichirou. Eventually, SunFes arrives. Motomu argues with Higuchi (a Ryusei High School student), but Midori stops Motomu.

After SunFes closes, Kumiko and Midori interrogate Higuchi. Higuchi informs the two of Motomu’s true relations with Gen’ichirou and Motomu’s deceased sister. Later, Taki informs Kumiko that Gen’ichirou told him that he wants Motomu to transfer to Ryusei High School. Next, Midori tells Kumiko what happened between her and Motomu during their one-on-one conversation.

After that, Motomu meets with Kumiko alone and tells her what’s been bothering him. Kumiko suggests Motomu resolve matters with Gen’ichirou and Higuchi. Motomu reports to Kumiko the next day. He tells her everything went well between him, Gen’ichirou, and Higuchi. Then, we receive a scene of Motomu playing a song with Midori. The episode closes with a shot of a lone Agata Festival flyer. 

We’ve covered the entire episode with a lengthy recap that touches on all major plot points and discusses the chapter with an accompanying review. You can find that link below. 

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What’s been your favorite moment from Sound! Euphonium Season 3? Have you watched the previous seasons, films, and OVAs? Let us know in the comments below! 

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