Something from Tiffany’s (2022) Ending Explained – Do Rachel and Ethan have a happy ending?

Something from Tiffany’s (2022) Plot Synopsis

Amazon’s romantic drama flick “Something from Tiffany’s”, adapted from a novel written by Melissa Hill, explores the supposedly flawless lives of two partners. The plot of this rom-com revolves around Ethan, a single dad who is going to ask his partner to marry him, and Rachel Meyer, a young and fascinating woman, who is uncertain about her bond with her lover, Gary Wilson.

Ethan Greene buys a ring from the movie’s namesake jewelry store intending to pop the question to Vanessa. Additionally, at the exact same shop, Ethan and Gary accidentally switch up their matching shopping bags. Due to the confusion, Vanessa ends up with a set of earrings clearly bought for Rachel, while Rachel ends up with an engagement ring that was bought for Vanessa.

Owing to the whole mix-up, Rachel befriends Ethan, and as a consequence of their mutual attraction, they learn what real love is like. The two leads’ accidental encounters and blossoming passion make for a semi-touching love story.

What served as the movie’s inspiration?

The rom-com fiction book that bears the same name by Melissa Hill serves as the inspiration here. The novel had been published around 2011, and author Tamara Chestna later turned it into a screenplay for a movie. The basic concept of Hill’s original work is carried through into the movie adaptation.

For the most part, the drama is true to the book, however Hill’s novel underwent some minor revisions in the Daryl Wein-directed Amazon Prime version. For instance, Rachel and her partner Greg are travelling to New York in the novel. They do, however, reside in New York City throughout the movie, and Rachel has a restaurant there as well.

How do the presents get mixed up?

Gary and Ethan are both in Tiffany’s shop while simultaneously looking for gifts for their respective partners. Ethan and his kid Daisy go shopping to purchase a ring for Vanessa because he intends to propose to her during Christmas.

Gary, on the other side, buys earrings for Rachel. Gary is knocked down by a cab driver as they exit the shop, resulting in a concussion. After checking on Gary, Ethan accidentally mixes up the gifts from Tiffany’s as they have similar bags.

What happens after the mix-up?

When the two pairs exchange gifts during Christmas, both the guys are shocked to discover something completely different inside the Tiffany packages. Gary accepts it and believes that it was meant to be. Consequently, Gary and Rachel end up getting engaged.

On the other hand, finding earrings rather than the ring he was intending to propose with throws Ethan off his game.

Ethan does everything he can to get in touch with Gary and retrieve his ring. Throughout the drama, Rachel and Ethan run into each other on several occasions. Since he doesn’t want to upset her, he avoids confronting her about the blunder.

Gary’s refusal to return the ring leaves Ethan with no other choice. Vanessa grows uneasy since Ethan is behaving suspiciously. Ethan is busy with something else when the pair is on vacation visiting New York, leaving Vanessa feeling lonely and abandoned.

How does Rachel find out about Gary’s lie?

To find out more about maintaining the ring, Rachel stops at the Tiffany store. Rachel discovers the truth when the salesperson recognizes the ring. Gary confesses after she questions him.

When Gary informs Rachel that he really wishes to marry her, she ultimately forgives him regardless of the colossal lie he told her. Thereafter, she resolves the issue by making a call to Ethan.

What falling action causes both relationships to crumble?

Ethan and Rachel continue to be in committed relationships with their respective partners, even though they are clearly attracted to one another throughout the flick. The two have common hobbies, including a love of the very same acapella music and a favorite place along the East River. Furthermore, Ethan helps Rachel when she is swarmed by a flock of clients in her café.

Ethan and his fiancé go out to celebrate Ethan’s marriage proposal. Vanessa arranges for a table at Gillini, Rachel’s café. The problems are resolved during the falling action since all four characters come face-to-face with each other.

Both Gary and Rachel’s along with Vanessa and Ethan’s engagement don’t quite work out for several reasons. The partners examine their problems in great detail as a result of the Tiffany mix-up. They quickly come to the conclusion that their relationships seem to be unsatisfactory. The four protagonists finally confront their problems after they meet at Gillini, and the discoveries leave them feeling uncertain.

Why do Rachel and Gary split up?

Gary’s efforts to support Rachel have been chaotic and infrequent from the opening scene. For instance, he relies solely on the salesperson’s recommendations because he is unsure of what his partner will love at the shop.

Additionally, he consistently disappoints Rachel by arriving late for meals, forgetting stuff, and never showing any interest in her love of cooking. Gary’s poor performance is tolerated by Rachel since she cares about him. Gary doesn’t deserve her second chances, but she continues to give them to him.

Terri, Rachel’s closest friend, recognizes Gary for the man he is. Terri is concerned about their relationship’s future and is constantly striving to make Rachel see the simple truth.

Ultimately, at the New Year’s Eve celebration, Rachel discovers that the nicest thing Gary has ever done for her was a false claim. She learns from his friend that Gary did not travel to return her jewelry. On the contrary, he traveled there to meet another girl. Rachel starts to feel hurt and disappointed as a consequence, so she ends her relationship with Gary.

In addition, Rachel’s feelings for Ethan have an influence on her judgment. Rachel feels trapped in her engagement with Gary after getting attracted to Ethan and realizing what a wonderful person he is. Rachel soon discovers that Gary might not be the person for her. She embraces her love for Ethan and chooses to give it a shot.

Do Rachel and Ethan have a happy ending?

Owing to Ethan’s desire to keep his surprise proposal a secret, Vanessa is kept in suspense. She is ecstatic at Ethan’s romantic gesture and his unique proposal, which she embraces with excitement. To celebrate, Vanessa makes a reservation at Gillini, a café that assists Ethan in preparing the perfect proposal.

Ethan complies despite the fact that he is unaware of how the ring was hidden in the bread. Once she learns that Ethan’s ideas to propose were quite different, things simply go downhill.

After Gary and Rachel bicker, Vanessa finds out about the switched presents. She wonders if Ethan would’ve proposed in another situation. She feels insulted because she misread his motives. Ethan wishes to propose, but things just don’t work out the way he had hoped.

Ethan and Vanessa have some necessary discussions as a result of the chaos. She goes on a rant about how she didn’t know Ethan wishes to write. Vanessa is furious because his coworker informed her of this instead of her partner. Ethan then acknowledges that Vanessa doesn’t really appreciate his desire to write.

Additionally, Vanessa wishes to remain in Los Angeles while Ethan wants to relocate to New York. The pair separates as a consequence of their differing viewpoints and life goals.

The following morning, Daisy persuades her father to confront his true feelings. He gets over his fears and tells Rachel how he feels. She shares his sentiments, and following his sincere proposal after about a year, the duo gets engaged.

Ethan is pushed by Rachel to begin a new book, and Rachel gets help from Ethan in the café. They function as yin and yang to balance one another. Additionally, Daisy and Rachel get along well because they both experienced loss after their mom passed away.


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