Somebody’s Child – Self Titled LP | Album Review

Track Listing

You Know What
I Need Ya
Hold Me Like You Wanna
Sell Out
Broken Record
Give It Up To Love
How Long?
What I Said
We Could Start A War


This is a sobering album by Somebody’s Child, a collection of thought-provoking songs which hit the mind like a stab of truth. It’s emotional and discerning too, especially when the lyrics elevate the record beyond the music. Every strand of poetry cuts through the brilliant guitar moments, and they leave a lasting impression when it all concludes.

The self-titled record is an unforgettable compendium, telling stories and breaking boundaries, while the music plays from the depths of hope. Though these stories are dark at times, evolving into fables of discontent, spreading a pessimistic trait, and Somebody’s Child knows they’re broken-hearted, but their music relates, it resonates far beyond the themes they’ve designed.

Sadness exudes on this release, gripping onto every sinew of the band’s resolve and record’s relevance. The vocal work is brooding, though there’re moments when it raises and evolves into a louder, more rounded sound, silencing the demons for a slender moment.

‘You Know What’ starts the record. The blitz of guitars and loud percussion melds together, and the vocals slip in a story of aching desires and broken promises. By comparison, ‘Broken Record’ opens loudly, and the guitars riffs are pleasing, while the song becomes a subtle inclusion when the vocals come in. The chorus is wonderful here.

‘What I Said’ isn’t elegant even though the track eases in calmly. The vocals are pristine and the lyrics point again to lost love and aches and pains, private wars and mental confusion. It’s a startling song, bursting into life when the chorus rips through.

Somebody’s Child has created an LP worthy of being praised by the mainstream fans and underground fanatics alike. It is an emotional whirlwind of an album, proving how talented this band is.

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  • Verdict - 9/10

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