Snabba Cash – Season 1 Episode 6 (Finale/Ending) Recap & Review

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Episode 6 of Snabba Cash begins with police en-route to raid Ravy’s hideout. Osman, Nala and the others quickly clean the place up, leaving it  empty when the police do eventually storm in.

Meanwhile, a very paranoid Leya meets Salim down at the station. He reminds her that what they’ve done could have big consequences going forward. Ravy will hit back and when he learns what Leya has done, will come for her. The only solution he can think of is to kill Ravy before he kills them.

Leya heads back to work and struggles to concentrate in the wake of what’s happened. In fact, her time has run out with the Dubai investors and she needs to act now. As she rings Vlad, a shocking truth is revealed. Tomas has been playing her all this time, messing with the funds and circulating the same amount. This has essentially worked to trick Leya and the others into thinking they’re making more of a profit than they actually are.

Leya immediately confronts Tomas about this but he hits back, telling her he knows about the drug money and how that’s been placed in the company stock. With Leya stuck in a difficult position, she’s left with no other choice but to continue forward.

Marko meets Ravy, who agrees to get him his funds. However, Marko refuses to do business with him until the rat is dead. That rat, of course, is Leya.

Ravy shows up at the tanning center where Salim happens to be waiting round the corner. Shaking, he prepares to shoot him dead…until Leya shows up with Sami. Ravy’s Mother is in town and this is enough for Leya to get cold feet and bail on the original plan.

Leya heads back to work and decides to take up Tomas’ offer, agreeing to continue this scheme in exchange for ten million crowns under the table.

As they shake on this, Nala and Osman come to an agreement of their own. They uncover the bag Tim misplaced, which happens to have been picked up by Dani’s men on the side of the road. As these boys show Nala, she sucks her teeth angrily.

This ultimately backfires on the rooftop as Salim is brought in to watch as Tim is hounded by Ravy and his men. They believe he’s the rat. With a gun to his back, Tim suddenly speaks up and admits that Leya is the one responsible.

With the secret out, Nala grabs Leya and takes her out into the woods. There, Ravy and his men stand ominously waiting for her arrival. Salim is among them.

Leya is forced onto her knees, along with Tim too. With a gun to her face, Salim eventually speaks up and takes the fall for them, claiming that he’s the one who ratted Ravy out.

Salim hides behind the pretense of love and not being able to leave which, to be fair, are both correct. He covers for the others as Salim is shot dead right in front of Tim and Leya. It’s an absolutely shocking moment, one that sees Leya shaking while she walks away. Tim however, is forced to take the fall for Salim’s death. After watching his friend being brutally murdered in front of his eyes, he’s in no mood to argue with Ravy.

With Tim forced into juvie for a year, Leya gets her revenge on Ravy by going straight to the heart of the problem. She pays back Marko’s five million crowns by using the investment from the company. This essentially means that he now owes Leya. As he walks away, Leya tells Ravy she’ll give him a ring when the first payment is due.

When Leya returns home, she shows Sami the money she’s kept for him but he wants to see Slim. It’s a bittersweet moment, one that shows just what Leya has had to sacrifice to get this far.

As she agrees to play hide and seek with her son, a single tear falls down Leya’s cheek as she reminisces about Salim.

The Episode Review

Snabba Cash bows out its 6 episode run with a really good finale, one that effectively wraps everything up but also leaves the door open for a possible second season.

There’s a poetic irony to this episode too, as the reveal with Tomas shows that, in her bid to separate her business and personal life, the criminal enterprise was under her nose the whole time. This helps to show the morally grey  at work here, with those same juxtapositions between rich and poor.

The various different characters in this show have been quite well written, with the camera work far more effective late on compared to the opening few episodes. The shaky cam has been a lot more tolerant and after a subdued episode 4, these final two have really fired on all cylinders.

Could we see a second season to Snabba Cash? To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised and the show has definitely had some intense moments across its run-time. The entire sequence in the woods was absolutely intense, especially the shocking way Salim was killed.

As this first season bows out, Snabba Cash certainly ends things with a bang; a suitably climactic finish to this compelling and solid crime drama.

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