Small Viktories – Vokab Kompany | Album Review

Track Listing

Like That
Get It Right
30 Stories Up
Coffee & Chill
30 Stories Up (Instrumental)


Combining a heady blend of EDM and Hip-Hop, Small Viktories is a funky, tightly mixed and well written album. There’s a clever sense of musicality here, with each song bringing something new to the table and showing a completely different compositional technique or idea. It’s this constant challenge of expectation that makes Small Viktories such a victorious album.

The LP opens with “Like That”, a decent song that uses the bassline to harmonize the rapping. “Fabtastik” by comparison oozes funky house vibes and feels like a proper summer jam. There’s a great use of brass instruments against the 4-to-the-floor drum beat that works well to really accentuate the vocals.

“Get It Right” offers up a more anthemic slice of EDM before “Classic” strips everything back for a heartfelt song looking at the past. The chorus is incredibly catchy and simple while the verses do well to back up the theme running throughout too.

The rest of the album dips and weaves through these states, jumping between the hands-in-the-air uplifting anthems and more head-bopping efforts that focus on the vocals. All of this builds up to the final track of the album “Politricks.”

Much like the title implies, “Politricks” is all about American politics and in particular looks at the current economic issues plaguing the US. Clocking in at 7 minutes, this song uses up a good chunk of the LP’s run-time to produce something that really hits home.

While it doesn’t quite have the same sharp edge something like British rapper Dave has, there’s a decent amount of material here and if there’s one song you should check out, it’s this one. The LP then ends with an instrumental rendition of “30 Stories Up” which essentially serves as a thought provoking piece to digest the words flowing through “Politricks.”

Most of the album uses repeated phrases and there’s a lot of vocal splicing right the way through too. This works as the signature that cleverly ties everything together as Vokab Kompany jumps through these different genres and ideas across the 9 tracks available.

Tightly-mixed and well produced, Vokab Kompany serves up a big victory in Small Viktories. It’s an LP that successfully spills into different genres and tops all of that off with an excellent, politically-charged final track in “Politricks”. While not all the songs shine, the ones that do shine brightly making this a decent LP well worth a listen.

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  • Verdict - 7.5/10

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