Sleep Token – Take Me Back To Eden | Album Review

Track Listing

The Summoning
Aqua Regia
Are You Really Okay?
The Apparition
Take Me Back To Eden


To be perfectly honest, records like this should receive the highest acclaim possible for ingenuity and bravery, as well as for breaking conventions and boundaries. Sleep Token is this juggernaut act, this colossal outfit, which makes music that quivers spines and lets us see into a world that isn’t truly blissful.

Take Me Back To Eden is a blockbuster record in its entirety, blossoming at every moment, pushing the written word and musical wonder to the edge of greatness. This may sound completely audacious, but Sleep Token does not miss any steps here. They don’t misjudge, they don’t carry wasted hope, and they certainly know they’re good at what they do, and that’s to inspire and to wow us.

Every moment on this album is refined. The music has so many elements that it’s ludicrously gratifying, as there’s no sudden template or agenda. Everything has a place, and the riffs charge up the album, with those lyrics imbued into all that matters. Darkness comes thick, though the act doesn’t become immersed into it. They rise above it all, and the music they have created here is wondrous and unnerving at times, putting them straight onto the map.

‘Chokehold’ starts the record off. That immense vocalisation breaks boundaries with only a slender beat behind the charge. It’s a whimsical start to an evocative record, and it shines.

‘Granite’ is one of the most accessible songs on the album. With a calm touch, it has such an infectious chorus. The lyrics describe love and its pitfalls. The wordplay is what makes it so majestic.

‘Vore’ comes in rugged, but it’s so well done and the screams offer a commanding contrast, while the guitars meld together as components of power. It’s another beast, with no let-up, and definitely no lack of passion.

‘Rain’ opens slowly, and the piano sound adds a sonic push. The lyrics convey a vicious cycle that doesn’t go away. Shadows creep in. The darkness confronts the light, and the hounds of war bite deep. This is a song that describes demons and their heinous agenda, too.

Sleep Token delivers a masterclass in songwriting and structure. This album has a unique quality that is unparalleled.

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  • Verdict - 10/10

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