Siren Season 2 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Three’s A Crowd

We return to Siren this week with an episode that looks set to pave the way for the big drama of the season to take hold. With Ryn fully invested in trying to integrate the new mermaids into society and Xander posing to be a particular problem going forward, Siren looks set for an explosive second half of its season if this episode is anything to go by.

We begin with Ryn vividly experiencing a bad dream in which she awakens frightful and confused. After learning the meaning of dreams, Ryn leads the remaining mermaid group to their new home and helps integrate them into society via some handy fake I.D.s and a crash course in how to take pictures. This proves easier said than done to say the least. 

There’s no time to dwell over this though and after a brief musical montage, we catch up with Ben on the road with the mermaid responsible for killing his Dad going under the alias Levi. A brief detour to Xander down at the docks results in him promising not to stir up any trouble and going about his business like normal. Only, it turns out his business happens to be one of the stray mermaids from the group trapped in a holding cell in the boat.

It’s at this point where Ben finds himself chasing after Levi as he enters the local bar and immediately finds himself at the heart of a game of beer pong. After Ben is forced to diffuse a situation with a hot-headed drunk, they chat a little about how mermaids mate (as you do) before being served by the same woman Xander is currently sleeping with. After the arrival of Ryn and the other mermaids, the group wind up dancing and letting off some steam after a particularly trying time as of late. It’s also at this point where the feelings Ryn and Ben have for one another continue to complicate matters.

We end this week’s episode with Xander striking a deal with the mermaid held captive, the same one who challenged Ryn for her leadership position last week. Xander shows her the oil tanker and tells her what to do. Given the lack of options here, she begrudgingly agrees to do what he says and descends into the water. While Xander looks on, the ensuing love triangle between Ryn, Ben and Maddie begins to take shape, ending in a three-way kiss between them inside the safe house.

While there isn’t all that much plot development this week, there is a taste of things to come going forward. The blossoming triangle between our three lead characters poses a particularly interesting problem going forward while it’s still unknown what sort of impact Xander is likely to have on this, given his dysfunctional team-up with the mermaid. Whether he’ll catch up with Levi remains to be seen but I wouldn’t be surprised if we see this explode into a flurry of drama before long.

It all looks set to be an exciting and action packed second-half to the season to come. It may be a little rough around the edges at times and some of the acting doesn’t always hit the mark but there’s something particularly gripping about Siren. It’s certainly better than fellow mermaid show Tidelands and given what we’ve seen so far from this second season, Siren looks set to kick into gear going forward.

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