Shooting Stars – K-Drama Episode 15 Recap & Review

“All About You”

Episode 15 of Shooting Stars begins with Gong Tae-sung and PR Head Oh Han-byeol hugging when CEO Choi Ji-hoon catches them together. Ji-hoon is still unknowing of their relationship and thinks the two old friends were fighting as they used to in the past. 

A relieved Han-byeol asks Tae-sung to keep away from the Starforce Headquarters but he shows up anyway, with presents for Han-byeol’s team. She’s late and catches Tae-sung peeking inside the office.

She is worried that someone will see them but the two hide in a corner as they flirt. Han-byeol jokes that sneaking around with him at the office makes it seem like she is in a workplace drama like she dreamed of. Han-byeol walks into the office first and asks Tae-sung to wait for a while before entering.

Tae-sung eventually arrives with snacks from his recent brand commercial and PR Team 1 enjoy them. Han-byeol heads out to attend a meeting with the team and Tae-sung is left alone in their office. His manager Byeon Jung-yeol meets him there. Tae-sung asks the manager about his secret girlfriend but Jung-yeol denies it.

The PR team’s office phone rings. The call is from a journalist who is asking about Tae-sung’s next project and the actor claims he was going to be doing an office romance show next. He ends up revealing that it is Tae-sung that the caller is talking to and makes up a new problem for PR Team 1 to solve. 

Han-byeol is angry and kicks the actor out. Reporter Cho Ki-ppeum calls Han-byeol, confused over the articles about Tae-sung. The two end up discussing her situation with Lawyer Do Soo-hyuk. At the end of that day, Ki-ppeum finds herself at he lawyer’s office, asking him out for drinks.

The two get together, recalling their first impressions of each other, somewhat confessing their feelings. Meanwhile, Tae-sung and Han-byeol are on a movie date at his house and the actor is sad that the two have to hide to keep their relationship a secret. 

Tae-sung suggests unique ideas for the two to get away on a date but Han-byeol finds instances of them getting caught in all of his suggestions. The actor is upset when Han-byeol suggests that the only way for the two to not get caught is either by continuing their secret indoor dates or by ending their relationship.

Tae-sung hates the idea and comes up with a new plan. On the next day, the actor shows up at Starforce Entertainment headquarters dressed up in a suit and talks Chairman Choi Ji-hoon into letting him join the company as the CEO for his ‘method acting’. 

Ji-hoon claims that there is no space in the office for him when the actor suggests that a mere desk would suffice. Ji-hoon takes him to PR Team 1’s cabin and lets him have the empty desk there asking PR Team 1 head, Han-byeol to play along. 

Han-byeol and Tae-sung are on the building rooftop where she is angry with him for showing up at her office. She bickers that many people are aware of their relationship but Tae-sung is sure that not many in the office know. 

Meanwhile, PR Team 1 members talk about how they have to feign ignorance of not knowing about Han-byeol and Tae-sung’s relationship to play along with the couple. Now, Tae-sung has taken over the office meeting with the PR Managers and makes awkward conversations with the employees. 

Han-byeol shoots him a text asking him to stop meddling in her work but the two bicker on text. Han-byeol tells the team that there has been a surge in office drama scripts for Tae-sung after his declaration to work on one. Tae-sung is now playing solitaire on his desk while the rest of PR Team 1 work as a Han-byeol receives a bouquet delivery. 

The Team 1 members act surprised and ask Han-byeol who the sender of the flowers is when Tae-sung is proud of his surprise to her. She tries to get away from his antics but he sneaks up on her in the break room and offers her a decaf coffee. 

Han-byeol states that drinking a decaf would do nothing for her since she wants to wake up. Tae-sung claims that there were other ways of waking up and steals a kiss from her, causing her to squeak. The rest of the staff turn to look at them but she tries to distract them by talking about coffee. 

Han-byeol eventually kicks the actor out for the day while she and Ho-young talk about a designated Tae-sung leaving the office but Ho-young ends up flirting with Manager Yu-sung who is right across them. At the same time, actor Kang Yu-sung visits actress Baek Da-hye at work and asks her for tips on how she conceals her regional dialect while acting as the two actors start bonding.

Manager Yu-sung is now at the same office as Ho-young was in the last episode where the same employee that asked had her about Yu-sung’s relationship confronts him directly. She asks him if he is seeing someone as one of her colleagues was looking to date him.

Ho-young is right behind them and hides to hear Yu-sung’s response. The manager tells the employee that he indeed is seeing someone when the employee asks if Yu-sung had any plans of breaking up with his girlfriend. Yu-sung states that he did not want to break up with her at all when the employee spots a flustered Ho-young standing nearby.

Ho-young joins Yu-sung in the elevator when she talks about her actor Yu-sung calling him, “Our Yu-sung”. Manager Yu-sung seems jealous and states that it was he who should be “Our Yu-sung” to Ho-young and grabs her hand. 

Afraid that someone will see them, she takes her hand away from Yu-sung’s, but he grabs it back and makes her blush. The two walk hand in hand on their date but Yu-sung offers to lend Ho-young his jacket. She declines the offer so Yu-sung hugs her wrapping her inside his jacket. The two then start talking and he leans in for a kiss. 

The next day, Tae-sung is back at the office to resume his role as the CEO of Starforce Entertainment with PR Team 1. Han-byeol offers him a task to read up the plethora of scripts that the office received after his call with a reporter. PR Team 1 chats up about Han-byeol’s sisters when Tae-sung discovers that he is unbeknownst to the real Han-byeol while all other employees knew her well.

The two chat up on the rooftop and Tae-sung is sad that he does not know his girlfriend at all. He sets off on a mission to learn more about her, promising to observe throughout the day. The next morning, Tae-sung starts bribing other Starforce Entertainment employees for information about Han-byeol. 

By the end of the day, Tae-sung has troubled all the Team 1 employees enough that they are tired of the actor and pledge to keep him busy with petty work like ripping stickers off packages in Han-byeol’s name. 

Outside the cabin, Ji-hoon and Manager Yu-sang talk about Tae-sung and Han-byeol’s relationship, and the manager learns that the Chairman is already aware. Ji-hoon states that he also knew You-sang was dating Ho-young when Yu-sang states that his relationship was not a secret. 

The girlfriend-gang is at Han-byeol’s house when Han-byeol and Ho-young bicker about whose boyfriend is better and Ki-ppeum starts missing Lawyer Do recalling her last interaction with him. She wonders why he hasn’t still asked her out. 

The next morning, Lawyer Do is at the police station and learns that a young pre-teen runs the anti-cafe against Tae-sung. The lawyer reprimands the young boy who is accompanied by his mother. At her office, Ki-ppeum’s boss has to deal with a lawsuit and asks her to call Lawyer Do to seek his help. 

Do Soo-hyuk states that he will be reaching her workplace soon to meet up. Ki-ppeum hates that she had to call him first when he hadn’t asked her out despite having feelings for her. She waits for him and Soo-hyuk shows up at her office. Everyone at Ki-ppeum’s office is shocked to see his visuals in person. 

Lawyer Do promises to help Ki-ppeum’s boss out of his scandal but warns him against posting baseless rumors about celebrities without research. On his way out, he asks the boss to let Ki-ppeum off work early with him and the Soo-hyuk asks him where she wanted to have dinner.

Ki-ppeum reveals she thought Soo-hyuk had dumped her. The lawyer states he had been interested in her all along and wanted to pursue a relationship. Manager Ho-young and actor Yu-sung meet with the directors of his upcoming drama and are shocked to learn how he got rid of his regional dialect. 

Ho-young asks how he got rid of his dialect so soon and Yu-sung recalls how Da-hye was helping him work on his language. At the same time, actors Jae-hyun and Yu-na are constantly around each other, dating in secret. 

Tae-sung and Han-byeol meet up and the actor starts reading out all the new things he has learned about her. He ends up revealing things that went unnoticed by other employees, making Han-byeol blush. Tae-sung praises her commitment to helping others and thanks her for watching out for him as she tears up. 

He drops Han-byeol at her house and is sad when he learns that she will be going on an overseas trip for work. Tae-sung coaxes her to get out of it, but she asks him to miss her when she is in Japan. The next three days pass by in a wink with a gloomy Tae-sung waiting for Han-byeol, and the rest of the staff watching him sulk while ripping stickers off boxes. 

In Japan, Han-byeol and Ho-young are with an actor for his fan sign and interview as he flirts with the Japanese interviewer despite being caught up in multiple dating scandals in the past. Tae-sung and manager Yu-sung pass time remembering their girlfriends. 

Jae-hyun and Yu-na are at her house eating ramen when she leaves for the restroom. She comes out with a positive pregnancy test and reveals the news. A shocked Jae-hyun consoles her and immediately proposes to marry but Managers Yu-sung and Dae-soo are happy as they both had similar dreams of winning a lottery. 

The fan sign in Japan goes smoothly and Han-byeol texts Tae-sung that she would be leaving the following day. Hours later, Tae-sung is at his house wondering about a pretty Han-byeol going out at a club in Japan. Just then, Han-byeol appears at his door and reveals that she caught the first flight after work to see him because she was missing him.

The Episode Review

The show is finally inching to a happy end but one shocker has left me speechless. Jae-hyun and Yu-na end up getting pregnant! Managers Yu-sung and Dae-soo are in for a ride in the next episode.

Han-byeol and Tae-sung are trying to keep their relationship a secret and it is cute to see all the employees playing along to lead them to believe they are still a secret to the office.

Manager Yu-sung takes the cake here though, because he is not shy about dating Ho-young. He has always put his work first which is why seeing a change in his reaction to his relationship seems like a welcome surprise.

Reporter Ki-ppeum and Lawyer Do are finally seeing each other too which feels like it was long overdue. I would have loved to see more romantic scenes between them.

We still have no idea who Jung-yeol is dating but it won’t be a shock when PR Team 1’s Hong Bo-in is revealed to be his girlfriend.

Actors Yu-sung and Da-hye are seemingly getting close and it seems like working on a new show together could have a new relationship blossom between the labelmates.

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