Shit Present – What Still Gets Me | Album Review

shit present album cover

Track Listing

Cram The Page
Fuck It
Voice In Your Head
More To Lose
The Pain
The Way I’d Like
What Still Gets Me
Crossed The Line
Beyond Tonight
Too Into It
Ever After
Talking About The Rain


This is a collection of songs that play on the mind and entice emotions from the inner depths. Shit Present is a band desiring change when pain resides in everything, and they want to disconnect from all that is bad, all that is problematic, but it’s harder than it seems, as the despair overwhelms.

The lyrics on this release are straight to the point and cut-throat, putting the band through the motions as they challenge their own characters, and Indie rock is stirred through this record, instilled like a piece of a puzzle.

To be sane in this world takes strength that some can’t muster. We’re in such a mess financially and mentally these days that the world could just explode into intricate, bloodied pieces, cutting into the atmosphere. Optimism has reached its limits too, and the whole planet is crying, the people are weeping, spinning in and out of sanity.

This band is intelligent, there’s no doubting that, and their music has this rawness and attitude which many could learn from. The band members here also use their experiences to place into their writings, fabricating such wonderful, prose-like stories.

Cram The Page starts the record off in style and prowess. The band plays dirty guitar lines, and through the vocals, a story emerges about doctors and pain. Everything is messy now.

Voice In My Head confirms the band’s struggle with their own sanity. Health is paramount, but nowadays people are abusing their bodies and in this song the band rage against the world. Those tight guitar notes elevate the track.

The Pain begins like a grand piece of indie rock that grows. The vocals explain hopes and dreams being smashed to pieces, and a girl losing her will. The band really evolves on this track, saluting the rock world.

Shit Present is hurting and their pessimistic lyrics are thrilling in an odd way.

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  • Verdict - 8.5/10

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