Shantaram – Season 1 Episode 4 “Bad Medicine” Recap & Review

Bad Medicine

In a flashback, we see how Dale got himself into the predicament of jail. Despite the police not having anything on him to convict, he decided to plead guilty in court.

His mother seemed proud of him and that was enough for Dale. In the present day, Lin is appreciative of his new life. He feels that he has got a second chance to make things right and Sagarwada is the perfect place to do so. Rujul’s body is discovered and Abdullah, Khaderbhai’s right-hand henchman, pays off the cops to make it look like a robbery. Rafiq, Walidbhai’s right-hand henchman, is also following orders and reaches the chambers of Deputy Minister Pandey to give him money that he was about to give to Rujul and asks him to honor their deal.

Sonam, an elderly woman in the slums, comes to Lin with a problem. Her wound has got worse but she does not allow Lin to have a look at it. Parvati and Prabhu are called to help and Lin makes the prognosis that if they do not get her to a hospital soon, she will die.

Karla learns of Walidbhai’s plans first-hand when she meets Pandey for lunch. He warns them to stay away. Lin decides to go to the hospital with Sonam, determined to get the medicine. The government doctor demands money to see her, which Lin refuses. When things get heated, they leave the hospital and Lin must figure out another way through the black market.

Sebastian asks Lisa to stay with him, despite her rejecting his advances. They go back to her place and when Lisa holds a packet of cocaine again, Sebastian does not resist too much. This makes Lisa angry and she says if Sebastian wants to have a chance, he must be stronger for her and learn to say “no”.

Lin learns of Rujul’s death but goes to his tourism gig with Prabhu to earn quick money. Khaderbhai reaffirms his fondness for Karla and says that he will always protect her from anything that threatens her. Lin sends a message through Ramesh to set up a meeting with Khaderbhai.

Although he agrees to help Lin, he confides in Abdullah that Lin must be made to wait to make him more grateful for Khaderbhai’s gesture. Lisa has a chance meeting with Karla at Reynaldo’s and is bitter about leaving her place.  It does not look like the two will come to peaceful terms any time soon. She bribes Prabhu to take her to Lin. In the slums, she learns why Dale is doing all of this.

He is still afraid of being discovered by the authorities but his conscience will not allow him to run away. She asks him to be careful of Khaderbhai and look after himself. She does care about him and the two share a tender moment.

That night, Ravi brings a bombil fish for Lin as a sign of apology. But that is indeed a rotten one to upset Lin’s stomach, which it does. Abdullah takes Lin to the Kaala Topis, a gang of disfigured thieves and smugglers. Abdullah calls them the best and their leader, Ruby, tests Lin by offering him to drink tea from the same dish she did.

After Lin passes it, Ruby names her price for the medicines. It is exorbitant and she is in no mood to feel charitable toward the same people who ostracized her community. He does manage to have enough to get the antibiotics and IVs for Sonam.

On the way back, Abdullah is attacked by Rafiq and his men. He is easily overpowered and almost knifed when Dale interrupts them. He saves Abdullah’s life but does not allow him to kill Rafiq either.

This surprises Abdullah, who tells Lin that he came from Iran and only wanted someone to follow. Khaderbhai is that man and Abdullah says that Lin and his destiny are written by fate. It is out of their control. Lin does not report Ravi to Qasim, choosing to do everything he can to win his trust and not allow the hatred to increase.

Lin gives Sonam the treatment and it seems like she will be okay after all. People once again realize Lin’s good heart and deeds for the community. Abdullah reports the day’s events to Khaderbhai, who says that Lin is indeed a man with honor. He instructs Abdullah to get Lin all the medicines he needs to keep treating the people of the community. Lin is indeed a part of the plan.

The Episode Review

The adventures of Dale Conti (or “Linbaba”) keep getting more interesting to watch with every episode. The makers of Shantaram have decided to pace the story without haste and in a manner that allows all characters to be well-fleshed out and have a sense of purpose toward the story.

Episode 4 touched upon all of them, bringing to the fore their changing dynamics with respect to the story and the sinister plot unfolding in the firm of impending gang wars.

Dale’s big heart is indeed a sight to see. We have here a morally upright hero who will always keep others above him. That is probably what prompts them to do the same to him as well.

Karla and he are certainly getting closer and it might just be the right space for her to open up. Episode 4 also introduced the Kaala Topis in quite a raw fashion. Something tells us that they will have a big part to play in the upcoming episodes.

Dale has unwittingly been made a part of the game, and it remains to see how he will fit in exactly.

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