Shantaram – Season 1 Episode 11 “Banquet of Consequences” Recap & Review

Banquet of Consequences

Lin is devastated after learning he was used and that his love did not mean anything at the start of Shantaram episode 11. He talks with Prabhu about leaving the place for good.

Prabu is himself scolded by Parvati for putting himself on the line for Lin. She wants him to swear to stop and he does. Kavita, with the ammunition, confronts Pandey outside his house but he angrily denies the allegations. Khader learns of what Karla did and is furious. He now believes that this news will start gang wars in the city. Walid will retaliate and men like Abdullah will die on the ensuing nastiness. 

We also learn that Khader took Karla in after she was orphaned. Her father was shot dead by someone. Abdullah brings Lin to Khader, who tells him to convince Karla to drop the story. If she refuses to influence Kavita, her life will be in danger. Khader also reveals that he has Lin’s passport as he controls the book market. Lin declines the offer, even though it meant that he could finally be free and run from the place. Didier is brought for questioning by the police.

Nightingale asks him to give up Lin or else face a lengthy time behind bars. Just then, a cop, Sanjay, comes with the information that Lin is staying in Sagar Wada.

There, he treats patients in a small clinic. Karla once again tries to apologize to Lin but he says that he will not accept it. He also refuses to go ahead with Khader’s plan. Walid is convinced war is the only way out and he starts the carnage. The first victim is Pandey, who is brutally beaten to his death outside his house. The goons then go to Sagar Wada and hit Qasim in the head. He falls down unconscious. 

Didier is released but is tailed by officers. He quickly loses them at Reynaldo’s and goes straight to Lin. Nishant likes the story and says that it will make the front cover page. Kavita thanks him for his help and confidence and the two embrace. Lin is about to leave when the men bring news of Qasim’s health.

Lin fears that Qasim might have hematoma and will die if not treated properly and promptly. The police too arrive at Sagar Wada. As they make their way to the clinic, Prabhu stays back to distract and stall them as Parvati, Lin, and others take Qasim to his hut. Prabhu is badly beaten by the police but he does not give Lin up.

Lin finds the clot, even though he is not trained as a surgeon, and successfully treats Qasim. But the police get a whiff of him and Nightingale and Lin lock eyes for the first time in a while. A chase ensues but Lin escapes successfully thanks to Prabhu’s help. He takes Lin away in his taxi and also cuts the police vehicles’ tires. Lin has got away once again!

The Episode Review

Another frenetic episode and we have a tempting finale on our hands. The penultimate chapter in Lin’s crazy adventures in Bombay unfurled an array of emotions across the spectrum. Love, betrayal, lies, and deceit, all grappled Lin as he himself jostled with the idea of getting caught. 

The devil has finally got a sniff of his prey, whom he has been chasing for a long time. A showdown between Lin and Nightingale is a mere formality now and it will be interesting to see how it turns out. The writers have a tenuous job of tying the story up in the finale.  

The universe is quite vast and dispersed in different directions. Not all of them converge, hence, using the runtime efficiently becomes a difficult task. Episode 11 showed they have it in them to execute successfully. Here’s hoping!

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