Servant – Apple+ Season 1 Episode 8 Recap & Review

The Pearl Necklace

Back for another week, Servant is finally on its home stretch and with today’s episode, things are finally begin to pick up. I said it before in my full season review but Servant is not a great watch every week but as a binge it’s actually not too bad. The problem is, the show is going to end on a cliffhanger with numerous questions left unanswered and if I’d been waiting 2 months to get to that point, I wouldn’t be best pleased. Still, before we get there though Servant delivers another pretty good episode, one that certainly whets the appetite ready for the home stretch.

Episode 8 of Servant begins with Julian arriving at the house and it’s here we learn a week has passed since the previous episode. Natalie has stayed on Julian’s couch for 3 days and it appears Leanne is prepping for an impromptu date while Toby and Dorothy prepare for the television awards. During this Julian-centric episode, he stays home to look after Jericho, swigging red wine in the cellar and eating roasted chicken. Hearing ominous breathing on the baby monitor, Julian heads up to the baby room, only to find Jericho missing and the doll in his place again.

With Leanne out bowling and no one else in the house, Julian scrambles to make sense of what’s happening. A knock at the door brings Dorothy’s Father into the house, immediately indulging in the red wine. Sworn to secrecy, he shows Julian a picture on his phone and suggests switching the baby doll for a different baby altogether; an orphaned child in need of a home. That boy could then pose as Jericho Turner. Julian decides against this though and as his Father leaves, he watches out for Leanne who returns home from her date.

After she puts the doll back down in bed, Julian confronts Leanne and asks what she wants from the family. Instead, she deflects his question and asks what he found. He remains stone-faced though and gives her an ultimatum, holding the doll by the leg and close to dropping it down the stairs. However, a baby cry startles him and sends him frantically searching through the house instead.

When Sean and Dorothy return home, Julian tells him Leanne knows everything they’ve been doing. This, unfortunately, appears to send her on the warpath as she speaks to Dorothy and breaks her pearl necklace, seemingly by accident. While she gets down on her hands and knees and begins searching for the scattered pearls, Leanne takes one and swallows it.

What is the deal with Leanne? There’s a little more plot development this week and with the doll returning, Servant delivers another twisted episode that raises even more questions. The eerie tone from before returns in a big way and there’s certainly some dramatic episodes here too. Quite what the show has in store for us going forward remains to be seen but for now, Servant gears up ready for the finale in 2 weeks time!


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