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seize the power yonaka album

Track Listing

Seize thhe Power
Get Out
Raise Your Glass
Call Me a Saint


After their debut album in 2019, Yonaka storm back onto the music scene with their latest mixtape, ‘Seize The Power’. This moody showcase of talent skips between different musical influences to great effect. There are sprinklings of nu-metal rapping, anthemic head-boppers and simple Indie riffs. The result is a confidently produced and tightly mixed album.

Seize The Power opens with ‘Ordinary’, a track that builds slowly before rocking into anthemic territory. Big vocals, thumping drum beats and a decent chord structure combine to grab your attention immediately.

Just to contrast how tonally different this EP is, ‘Seize The Power’ strips everything back for a song that reinforces feelings of empowerment and strength. It works perfectly to switch things up, with a simple operatic beat and punchy lyrics, “I got power in my hands, and it’s yours for the taking.”

Another memorable track here is ‘Raise Your Glass’. Much like ‘Ordinary’, this is a thumping floor-filler that feels like prime-time radio material. The lyrics are simple and effective, leading nicely into the next few tracks which once again switch up the tone of the album.

‘Clique’ and ‘Greedy’ feel quite similar to last year’s STFU by Rina Sawayama. There’s a controlled anger and confidence in these tracks that help to shine a spotlight on the moody guitar riffs.

The final track of the album, ‘Anthem’, strips away these guitar riffs and heavy lyrics for a much more straight forward slice of Indie rock. A slow pace and a consistent piano chord structure help top off this medley of ideas and influences.

What’s particularly impressive with Seize the Power though is just how musically diverse it is. Artists live and die by their ability to chameleon their way onto the airwaves and Yonaka have that down to a tee. There’s a lot of experimentation here and ‘Seize the Power’ works all the better for it.

Personal favourites include ‘Clique’ and ‘Raise Your Glass’, but the sheer diversity on display here will undoubtedly see your favourites differ. This is a confidently produced, tightly mixed EP and at less than 26 minutes, makes a serious splash in a short space of time. This one’s definitely worth a listen.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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