The School Nurse Files – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Jelly & Ice Cream

Episode 4 of The School Nurse Files begins with In-Pyo approached by one of the new teachers, Ga-Young. She enters his room and the two start talking about the past.

As they do, Ga-Young comments on how her back is hurting. As the students outside start laughing, she does too as things clearly aren’t quite right here.

Ji-Hyeong sits before Eun-Young who questions him about his new sneakers and relationship with Mackenzie. When he fails to answer, she suspects something is going on.

Outside, In-Pyo is asked about the basement key which leads the duo to divide their time. Eun-Young is going to research more about Mackenzie by using her therapy group members. At the same time, In-Pyo is tasked with investigating Ilgwang Sterilization.

Eun-Young goes looking in Mackenzie’s apartment and finds numerous red flags. A map of the school is accompanied by a whole jar of the jellies he’s captured. In his bedroom are a whole load of strange grass-like jellies too.

When Mackenzie heads home, he looks over his room and notices the grass jellies seem to have withered and died. Cursing his luck, he tries to figure out what to do next.

Eun-Young however, shows up with spots all over her face as she seems to have been poisoned by ivy. As she joins In-Pyo outside, Eun-Young feeds off the energy emanating from padlocks symbolizing love and her spots disappear.

She quizzes In-Pyo over his findings but Ilgwang was shut when he arrived at the office. However, they do find more information about the hole under the school.

It turns out you can control this hole and if you do, it can bring great wealth and fortune to that person. This could explain what Mackenzie is up to trying to get underground.

The next day, Eun-Young heads to school and notices a whole swarm of strange mites on the road leading up to school.

As she heads in and tries to work out what these mites are, a new transfer student called Hye-Min arrives at school. She seems to see these jellies too and continuously picks them up and eats them.

In the nurse’s office, she presents herself to Eun-Young and shows first-hand that only the stomach acid of a mite-eater can stop this infestation. She explains how this is her area and because of the messing with the stone underground, they’re all migrating closer to the school now.

Following his run-in with Ga-Youn earlier in the episode, In-Pyo shows Eun-Young old photos of them. Those photos show various people with Ilgwang Sterilization jackets on the back.

Eun-Young continues to assist Hye-Min though as she winds up with a nasty stomach ache on the back of eating so many mites.

Radi brings Hye-Min to the nurse’s office where she admits to being genderless and not really real. As she mentions how she likes being a woman, Eun-Young hands over a hot water bottle to comfort her.

It’s a tricky balance as Eun-Young realizes she needs to collect up these mites while at the same time knowing that Hye-Min is the only one who can eat them.

The Episode Review

With numerous question marks hanging over Ilgwang Sterilization, will we find out the exact reason they abandoned the school? For now though more history surrounding what’s been going on is a welcome inclusion.

The characterization is still lacking and it’s very difficult to work out exactly what’s going on. What is up with Mackenzie? Where have these jellies come from? We’ll have to wait and see but hopefully we find out this season.

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