Samiam – Stowaway | Album Review

Track Listing

Lake Speed
Lights Out Little Hustler
Shoulda Stayed
Shut Down
Scout Knife
Monterey Canyon
Natural Disasters


This is punk rock beefed up to the max and legendary band Samiam do what they please on Stowaway, a collection of songs that go against the status quo and showcase a level of power. The band has been around for 30 years and they know how to maximise guitar chords and evocative lyrics which tell us their pain and misfortunes, problems with this crumbling world.

The punk aura is infectious and the band takes courage and adds their own slant, using music as a bearer of hope when everything seems to be subsiding into disrepair. From the onset, the album comes in thick and fast, properly electrifying, and there’s not much let-up either.

‘Lake Speed’ opens the record with a big intro that eventually introduces the vocals. A voice of reason powers through, and the lyrics spell out pain. Love has no place here either, as it falters, while the bold guitar lines increase the likability.

‘Shoulda Stayed’ is another punk driven song with imaginative lyrics and vigour. Memories are on the line and they’re on the cusp of being erased, and the band here vent about being dragged away from home.

‘Natural Disasters’ is a melodic track explaining the world as a time-bomb. It’s a wonderful track, though it’s a hard listen, with the band sounding saddened by the planet’s decline. Those powerful chords aren’t nimble by any stretch.

Samiam describes their grievances with the world on this release, using their lyrical magic as statements of intent.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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