Ron Kamonohashi’s Forbidden Deductions – Episode 8 Recap & Review

The Case of the Observatory Murder (Part 2)

Episode 8 of Ron Kamonohashi’s Forbidden Deductions begins with Jumonji panicking over delayed arrival of the police. Isshiki goes over the crime scene again and finds that each light has been shot with a gun but only one gunshot was heard.

He attempts Ron’s method of lying next to the dead but is scared after looking at Onodera’s face. He them remembers Jumonji telling earlier that the telescope automatically tracks and records its positions. Just as he finds the recording, someone approaches him with a ladder

After the opening credits, we see that the person is Mr Grizzly who mistook Isshiki for an intruder. Grizzly is investigating to gather evidence and prove Ron is guilty. He is determined to get Ron a death sentence.

Grizzly informs that he has already interviewed everyone. A general conclusion is that Onodera was last seen at 11pm when she said she is heading to her room to get some equipment. He finds it odd that Onodera did not set up her equipment earlier following a bad weather forecast. The shot that they all head at 1am is the one that killed Onodera. Grizzly also asked for everyone’s alibi.

Jumonji was away at his office for 30 minutes between 11:30pm and midnight; Donzawa was at the rooftop all the time except one restroom trip at midnight; Ms Unno was in the kitchen from 11pm to 1am. She was talking to Orihime around the time the gunshot was heard.

Orihime did a 40-minute livestream from midnight to 12:40am after which she went to fetch drinks from the kitchen and met Ms Unno; Isshiki and Grizzly were on the rooftop the whole time.

Only Ron was away since 10:30pm after he retired for the night. This only means that everyone except Ron has an alibi during the time of the murder. Isshiki still firmly believes Ron is innocent.

Grizzly asks what Ron means to Isshiki. Isshiki says Ron is a friend. Grizzly is surprised to see Ron have someone close enough to him to trust him beyond the fields of logic. He had not thought that Ron would ever show a weakness.

Isshiki then reveals his findings to Grizzly. The telescope has no recording between 11pm and 1am. The recording directly shows a section from 1am, corresponding with the time of Onodera’s death. Grizzly realizes something and asks Isshiki to immediately uncuff Ron and inform him about the deductions.

The police are delayed because of the typhoon but the real culprit is still at large. Grizzly says that there is a chance more killings might happen if the past case is taken into account.

Ron thanks Isshiki for his assistance in proving his innocence and begins to explain the deduction. He says that it is impossible to shoot multiple lights in a darkened room, which proves light was shot before 11pm since everyone heard only one gun shot after 1am.

It also proves that the glass shards were already present on the dome’s floor. Ron was found with bare feet. He would have had injuries on his foot if he had walked in on the glass shards. This further proves that he did not move from his room. The distance between Ron and Onodera in the dome room also made it impossible for Ron to shoot her the way she was fatally shot.

Ron was drowsy after his meal because of a sleeping drug in his dinner. Ron takes a segue and heads out to drink more of that black sugar syrup.

On the other hand, Grizzly, who is still in the dome room, finds a fishing line on the telescope. A gunshot is heard. Ron goes back to his room to find some evidence that the culprit might have left behind. Ron says that the murder was elaborately planned beforehand and there is a high chance that he was meant to be a target.

Ron asks Isshiki if Grizzly mentioned anything else. Grizzly said he would apologis to Ron and also reopen the investigation of the Bloody Incident. Ron is befuddled to hear about the reinvestigation. Just then they hear a gunshot and see Grizzly fall to his death. Grizzly’s last words are to Ron, warning him that it is a trap.

Ron is devastated but gains his senses and begins an investigation of Grizzly’s murder. He finds the fishing line in Grizzly’s hand. Just then, Donzawa and Jumonji come rushing in. Ron stops Isshiki when he proceeds to talk about Ron’s innocence. He says he will explain in thirty seconds and proceeds to speak exceptionally fast. Isshiki presents with his deductions.

A gun was found on the roof and it is assumed to be the murder weapon. Everyone is shocked to find another murder happen. Isshiki checks everyone’s alibis.

Jumonji was in his office, Donzawa was on the first floor restroom, Ms Unno was fast asleep with earplugs in her ear and Orihime was using checking her livestream’s sound using earphones. Donzawa goes into a panic spiral. Ron interrupts him and speaks on behalf of Isshiki but truly, those are actually his feelings rather than Isshiki’s. He warns the culprit.

Ron and Isshiki go over the events followed by the gunshot heard at 1am. Ron asks how the culprit could have locked the room when the master key was in Ron’s pocket. Isshiki suggest the use of fishing line, but Ron says it is incorrect. There is glue on the doors which makes it impossible for any fishing line or thread to pass through the gaps. Isshiki continues his narration and Ron asks him to turn off the lights.

Isshiki’s eyes adjust to the darkness and he sees that Onodera is right next to the switch that opens the dome. But even then, the culprit had no escape. Isshiki turns on the light and finds Ron hula hooping. Ron points out the fishing line entwined in the hula hoop. Ron says that he has solved the mystery, he only has to find the culprit now.

Just then Orihime arrives at the dome room asking for flashlights. Isshiki asks if Ms. Unno is not available and Orihime says that Ms. Unno is annoyed with the tasks at the moment. Ron finds a clue in Orihime’s star Orion and asks Isshiki to prepare for a counter attack as the episode concludes.

The Episode Review

Well, a case that connects to Ron’s past and also affects his present has to have more than just two episodes! This episode was quite the revelation. What did Grizzly mean by a trap?

Ron solved the mystery but who is the culprit? It must takes quite a formidable amount of planning if one is to commit a seemingly perfect crime, not once but twice. The excitement to find the revelation just went up an ante!

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