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Star Mort: Rickturn of the Jerri

Rick and Morty’s fourth season hasn’t always been the smoothest of rides, but it bows things out with a great finale that wraps up character arcs, leaves room for the next season to grow into and delivers a good blend of action and humour in the process.

Episode 10 of Rick & Morty season 4 begins with Beth in space learning there’s a proximity trigger device in her neck. Only, this happens to be a clone and not the real Beth who is currently sitting at the dining table with the family. The Beth clone then shows up in Rick’s garage with the sole intention of killing Rick. Eventually he manages to dissuade her against this idea and they head out together where Rick learns this Beth clone is trying to play the hero and stop the New Galactic Federation from taking over the universe.

Unfortunately after the good work done last episode, Rick’s reveal that there are now two Beths sees his relationship with his daughter shatter, prompting Tammy (the leader of the New Galactic Republic) to arrive on Earth in search of Beth and subsequently beam them both up to her ship.

Meanwhile, Morty and Summer decide to trade Rick’s invisibility belt, with Morty inevitably heading to the girl’s locker room before Summer and Morty finally work together and help to free Rick and Jerry from their predicament. The two Beths also work together and free themselves from their bonds.

Onboard the ship, Rick finds Bird Person working with the New Galactic Federation but now going by the name Phoenix Person, complete with new and improved lasers along with being part-cyborg. At the same time, Morty and Summer manage to stop the MX laser from destroying Earth, throwing Morty’s trousers into the energy field.

After saving the day, the two Beths decide against knowing which of them is the real clone and they both walk away from Rick. As Rick watches the footage himself, he sees Beth and her clone being switched and deliberately obfuscating who the real Beth is. Sighing, he sits down and mutters “I’m a terrible Father” as the episode ends.

With a cameo appearance from Bird Person, a good amount of jokes dotted throughout and some solid character arcs rounded out, Rick & Morty delivers one of its strongest episodes. Seeing Summer and Morty working together is a nice touch, while Jerry saving the day and providing the distraction that helps Rick is another solid inclusion (one that’s even referenced by Beth in the episode).

Season 4 hasn’t always been the most consistent season for Rick & Morty but the finale ends things with a bang, delivering one of the best episodes of the series.


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