Rianne Downey – Method To My Madness | Album Review

Track Listing

Dancing In The Rain
Method To My Madness
Paper Wings

Glaswegian singer/songwriter Rianne Downey shows true adeptness at creating emotional songs that resonate on a high level. With her new, EP Method To My Madness, the singer breaks ground, expertly drawing from her experiences and driving in monologues of sheer melancholy.

Downey is a clever lyricist, placing poignant stories into four songs, which are all woven with intricacy and flair. She doesn’t miss a beat here and nor does she waste any time, as she has created an EP that is as beautiful as it is emotionally connecting.

Pain is a topic described throughout the EP, and love is explored deeply, both good and bad. The singer dazzles with her lyrics and angelic voice, and doesn’t let go of where she has come from – Glasgow is nestled profoundly in her heart!

Songbird starts the EP. Downey sings with rhythm and intent, and the acoustic guitar pulses like a heartbeat. She wants to save someone from the battles of life. These lyrics are sublime, and Downey shows her immense talent here.

Dancing In The Rain is an acoustic dream, with rock undertones. Downey describes what it is to sink with a broken heart, though she herself is strong, and her guitar is durable. The track progresses into a rock song as it develops.

Method To My Madness is a poignant track aimed at the disenchanted. Downey sings to the world and the people, and the track depicts her growing talent. The piano vibe adds a different layer.

Rianne Downey is a true talent and on this EP she grows into a trailblazer, securing her place and breaking boundaries.

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  • Verdict - 9/10

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