Has Never Have I Ever been renewed for Season 5? Here’s what we know:

Renewed Or Cancelled?

After four years of following Devi Vishwakumar on her journey from High School to College, Devi is finally a student at Princeton University and has a healthy romantic relationship with the man of her dreams.

Never Have I Ever comes from ‘The Office’ fame Mindy Kaling who presents a different perspective on teen romances with an Indian lead character. Knowing there is hardly any Indian representation on American sitcoms, Never Have I Ever comes as a welcome surprise.

Aside from the head-scratching idea of a 30-year-old playing and dating a 17-year-old on the show, Never Have I Ever has been received favourably around the world. With Netflix producing the show and airing it globally, this comedy-drama has seen four successful seasons so far.

What is Never Have I Ever about?

Never Have I Ever tells the story of a teen girl named Devi Vishwakumar who has recently lost her father, the only person that understood her. After losing him to a heart attack in the middle of her Orchestra show in school, Devi suffers extreme trauma that stops movement in her legs.

She has to attend the rest of her freshman year in a wheelchair. Devi wants to date the most popular guy in high school but since she is an Indian kid who focuses on her studies, it seems like her dreams will be shattered. She is eventually assigned to tutor her crush – Paxton Hall-Yoshida and develops a new friendship with him.

However, before she can understand it, she seems to be falling for her mortal enemy and arch nemesis – Ben Gross. She is stuck between picking one of the two and the rest of the show portrays her journey as she decides who her well-suited match is.

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Has Never Have I Ever been renewed for Season 5?

There is some sad news for fans. Season 4 of Never Have I Ever was announced as the final season of the sitcom which seems like the perfect time to end Devi’s story. The show concludes with Devi entering the college of her dreams and finally in a stable relationship with her family and her friends. Now, Devi is also dating the person she is in love with and is in a stable relationship with him as well.

Back in March of 2022, ahead of the premiere of Season 3, creator Mindy Kaling announced that the show will be releasing its fourth and final season. However, with the way Season 4 ends, everyone hears John McEnroe ending his narration of Devi’s story with “This is John McEnroe from Princeton, New Jersey, signing off. For now.”

While there is no certainty about a possible renewal of Devi’s story, one can only hope that this comment means something in the future.

What we know about Never Have I Ever Season 5 so far:

Barely anything is known about Season 5 at this point. Given the fact that Netflix and the creators have not green-lit another season of the show, it is possible that Season 4 will mark the end of Never Have I Ever.

There is a lot of room for the development of Devi, Ben, and Fabiola’s lives as college students or Eleanor’s life as a movie director. We can also hope to see more of Paxton’s journey as a teacher. An interesting spin-off series could be made by focusing on Kamala’s life in the STEM industry as well as her relationship with Manish.

Sadly, we are sure that Never Have I Ever is not going to be renewed for a fifth season. However, we will be sure to update this page when more information about Never Have I Ever Season 5 is made available.

Would you like to see Never Have I Ever return for a fifth season? Are you sad this show is over? What would you like to see if the show is renewed for a fifth season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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