Will there be a Menu 2? Here’s what we know about a sequel:

The Menu 2

Mark Mylod’s dark comedy horror is arguably one of the best films from last year. Everything about it is unique, right from conception to execution. It has only recently been released for streaming and did amazing numbers at the box office.

Given the exceeding relative outperformance, there are bound to be rumours swirling about a second instalment. There were no plans for a Knives Out sequel either when it was released but look at the situation now; it has become a multi-film franchise!

“Never say never” is actually a thing and for the fans of The Menu, that is something to hold dear. Here is what we know about a possible sequel for Mark Mylod’s The Menu:

What is The Menu about?

Well, the question should be, what is it not about? Although the plot has its own significance in the film, the monstrosity of its thematic structure takes a more prominent place in any discussion about it. Protagonists Margot and Tyler, a young couple, join several other privileged members who get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel to Hawthorn restaurant.

Now, this is no ordinary place. It is placed on a private island and belongs to Chef Slowik (played by Ralph Fiennes). He is world-renowned for his detail-oriented courses and immense expertise in what he does.

A seemingly normal evening starts out as a spectacle. Diners get what they were expecting. But gradually, Slowik’s show starts to become his own. And then, a little too personal as the diners learn several ugly truths about themselves and about what they represent to Slowik.

Will there be a sequel to The Menu?

Do we want a sequel to a film like The Menu? Perhaps not. It will be difficult to top this experience. But do we want a sequel like The Menu that is just as brilliant? Of course! As of now, the studio has not greenlit a sequel. There were no plans of a franchise before the production started on the film. But seeing how it has turned out and has caught the fancy of viewers, a Saw-like development cannot be ruled out.

Things move very fast in Hollywood when it comes to making more of something successful. Ironically, that lack of will to preserve the artistic value of something is often trumped by the elusive cash cow that can turn a profit. Anya Taylor Joy is another actress who has garnered a huge fan following. Her name on a film will definitely attract a lot of eyeballs to the theatres and given how The Menu performed at the box office, it seems more probable.

What could happen in The Menu 2?

Now that we know Margot was the only one who survived, the possibilities are endless. She has made it safely from the island and might try to avoid coming into the limelight. Or perhaps she might try to latch on to the opportunity and get her moment in the press. Either way, we can get a different movie. If the writers decide to go the Saw route, we can have copycats and other inspired personnel who try to do the same.

If Anya us to be the centre of attention, perhaps those who lost people on the island might come looking for answers. All of these are possibilities among plenty of other opportunities that the writers can capitalize upon. Let us see what they come up with!

When could The Menu 2 be released?

It took about 2 years from conception to the final “cut” for The Menu and a similar timeline should be more or less expected for a possible sequel. Maybe 2024 or 2025 can be a good time to expect one. Anya already has a big commitment for mega releases next year and hence, if she is to be attached, it might be difficult to get her time. Fingers crossed for positive news on this subject!

Would you like to see another Menu movie? What did you think of the first film? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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