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Episode 4 of Remarriage & Desires starts with Hye-Seung about to reveal the truth about Yoo-Hui. However, someone removes Selena’s mask and everything kicks off. In the commotion, Yoo-Hui slips away like a coward.

On her way out the party, defeated, Hye-Seung is encouraged to meet Yoo-Sun for tea the following day. As for Yoo-Hui, she realizes who both Hyung-Ju and Seok-Jin are when they remove their masks and is shocked to see they’re wearing different masks.

As a result of what has gone down, each of the men and women have a choice to pick who they’d like to date. Ho-Chan decides to pick everyone to “increase his chances” while both Seok-Jin and Hyung-Ju find themselves conflicted over who to choose.

Naturally, news of this is kept completely under wraps to the staff, meaning Yoo-Hui’s contact can’t tell her what’s happening.

Yoo-Sun receives the results and they’re certainly unexpected. Hyung-Ju decides to pick Hye-Seung. Interestingly, Mi-Jin doesn’t pick Zeus either, and part of that comes from Yoo-Sun’s chat with her prior to the meeting, telling her to take a step back and reassess what she really wants.

Hye-Seung arrives for her scheduled meet with Yoo-Sun. She opens up and reveals everything that Yoo-Hui has done, including her despicable blackmail and lies.

Hye-Seung calls into question Rex’s ethics and how they could even keep her on the clientele list. “Listen to me. You need to get stronger.” Yoo-Sun says in return, encouraging Hye-Seung to get revenge but to play this much smarter than her emotionally charged outbursts right now.

Yoo-Hui shows up at Yoo-Sun’s office, having picked Hyung-Ju as her prospective partner. Now, this comes off the back of learning Hyung-Ju’s identity after the party. When Hyung-Ju finds out, he’s certainly taken aback by her decision.

Given Yoo-Hui gave him the cold shoulder all night, Hyung-Ju isn’t exactly thrilled with this match. Instead, he decides to pick Hye-Seung. He also asks for Seok-Jin’s identity too, given how well they got on at the party.

As for Seok-Jin, he shows up at school to face Hye-Seung. He apologizes for what happened, while Hye-Seung opens up and bluntly reveals that Yoo-Hui is responsible for her husband’s death.

That night, Yoo-Hui agrees to meet Hyung-Ju for their scheduled date. At the same time, Hye-Seung ends up on her date but the guy she’s with happens to be really rude and abrupt, believing he’s entitled to more than just dinner after paying for her.

Hye-Seung calls Seok-Jin to help and he comes running, offering a sympathetic ear and shoulder. The pair sit and have a drink together, where Seok-Jik opens up about his part and how his father used to beat his mother and be really abusive.

This is something Seok-Jin never revealed to her before, and when he learned Hye-Seung was married, he was actually happy with her moving on with life.

However, their conversation is interrupted when she notices Yoo-Hui at the bar with Hyung-Ju. Temporarily at least anyway. They soon make a quick getaway, with Yoo-Hui heading back to her hotel room.

Yoo-Sun obviously has an ulterior motive here, partly thanks to her being blackmailed. Hye-Seung is not happy with her blind date either and rings Rex, bemoaning how they set her up with someone so despicable.

Funnily enough though, fate brings Hyung-Ju and Hye-Seung together anyway. It turns out Hye-Seung has actually been hired to tutor his son, Jun-Ho.

The Episode Review

Remarriage & Desires delivers another chapter of drama and soapy makjang thrills as this show entangles a whole bunch of prospective partners into this 8 episode series. With Yoo-Sun pulling the strings and trying to arrange traffic, the interesting inclusion of fate into all of this certainly changes the dynamic of the story.

There’s a good ebb and flow to the character drama too, although at times this does lean a little too hard into the soapy elements. Compared to shows like Penthouse and even Eve, I’m struggling to see how this one stands out given how soapy and revenge-fuelled both of those choices are.

Still, there’s certainly some enjoyable elements to this and the ending opens up the story for the rest of the series.

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