Remarriage & Desires – K-Drama Episode 2 Recap & Review

The War Begins

Episode 2 of Remarriage & Desires begins with Nam-Sik’s funeral. The whole family are there to mourn his loss, while Hye-Seung takes herself away and reads his suicide note. Nam-Sik apologizes for his actions and hopes she’ll understand the truth one day.

This leads us nicely back to the moments in the main atrium of Rex as Yoo-Hui hurries away while Hye-Seung tries to compose herself. She’s not in trouble for breaking the vase but is brought in for a consultation. That obviously wasn’t part of the plan but she at least entertains the idea, given her mum actually paid for this.

Whilst there, the consultant reveals that the partners available are split into four different levels. Black Level members have assets greater than 100 billion won, and from there it goes all the way down to entry levels.

After, Hye-Seung heads outside and butts heads with Yoo-Hui. She brings up the past and challenges the lawyer, promising to drag her name through the mud and reveal what really happened. Although the pair do go their separate ways after, it’s clear that this war is far from over.

In fact, both of them begin cycling through the other’s social media feeds. While Yoo-Hui finds pictures of Hye-Seung’s daughter, Hye-Seung notices pictures of her expensive lifestyle. Interestingly, Hye-Seung also notices that Yoo-Sun is due to hold a big speech, so she decides to show up and listen to what she has to say.

After, Hye-Seung apologizes for breaking the vase, as we learn that she’s actually cancelled her request to leave the company and get a refund. Of course, Hye-Seung’s real goal here is to take down Yoo-Hui… but could she find love along the way?

Elsewhere, Sung-Jae speaks to Hyung-Ju on the roof and suggests that they team up together in the gaming market. Given they both have companies in the field, he thinks this would be the best way of conquering the competition. Although he’s a tad hesitant, he does agree to look over the proposal.

Another funeral takes place in the form of Seok-Jin’s mother. He’s overcome with grief of course, but Yoo-Sun shows up to pay her respects. She’s clearly well connected, thanks in part to her husband who happens to be in politics. He’s also the birth father for Seok-Jin, who decides to move back in after his mother’s death.

As for Ae-Jin, she meets with Yoo-Sun in private, outside the city, and tries to set up her daughter, Mi-Jin, with special privileges inside Rex. If she agrees, Yoo-Sun could be looking at very favorable political terms.

However, there’s more drama to come. It turns out Yoo-Hui is actually Congressman Son Pil-Young’s illegitimate daughter, and she wants to becomes a Black Level member (the top tier) within Rex. With a picture to prove as much, she leaves Yoo-Sun in charge of deciding whether she’ll succumb to this or not.

Yoo-Hui next, shows up at the university and causes chaos for Hye-Seung. This is very obviously a challenge and something that Hye-Seung doesn’t take lying down. She promises that she’s the one holding the leash in this game and won’t be swayed by Yoo-Hui’s petty mind-games.

Yoo-Sun decides to host an anonymous masked party with their top members and let them matchmake each other. Everyone s going to be on a level playing field but that also means Hye-Seung won’t be part of the festivities, given she doesn’t have a high enough level.

All of this is done, not just to cover Yoo-Sun’s own tracks, but also for Yoo-Hun to entice Hyung-Ju to show up. Given the masks will be in play, it will allow everyone to actually get to know the real man without knowing his background.

As the masquerade ball goes ahead, the prospective females and males show up. As fate would have it, Hye-Seung is actually in attendance as well. Alas, the plot thickens!

The Episode Review

This has been orchestrated since pretty early on but it would appear that Hye-Seung and Hyung-Ju are going to grow closer together and potentially match up at this ball.

However, the subject of Seok-Jin is a bit of a curveball here, while the brewing rivalry between Yoo-Hui and Hye-Seung looks set to take a deliciously dark turn in the future.

Despite a rather slow start, this series is just beginning to warn up now and the ending hints that we’ve got some dramatic episodes to come in the future. With political scandals, blackmail, cheating and lies dominating the series, we are well and truly in makjang territory now!

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