Rancid – Tomorrow Never Comes | Album Review

Track Listing

Tomorrow Never Comes
Mud, Blood, And Gold
Devil In Disguise
New American
The Bloody And Violent History
Don’t Make Me Do It
The Road To Righteousness
Live Forever
Drop Dead Inn
Prisoners Song
Magnificent Rogue
One Way Ticket
Hellbound Train
Eddie The Butcher
Hear Us Out
When The Smoke Clears

Tomorrow Never Comes is a fairly short album by Rancid, which is a legendary punk band led by the enigmatic Tim Armstrong, and on this particular record, the act does not hold back or stick to their laurels, though the sound isn’t completely changed. We still get that powerful punk experience through Tomorrow Never Comes, and it’s a blast of unapologetic lyrics and stern guitar work.

From the onset, the sneers become evident, pulsing as they come from these seasoned musicians, and at every turn, the music dials up. We expect this from Rancid, as they don’t sit around waiting for the magic to happen. They form it themselves, pressing on the pulse of passion while doing so.

Punk has changed its face over the years, from being ever so ragged to being somewhat filtered to fit the modern market. Rancid knows the drill and hasn’t downsized their sound at any point here, but they have elevated even further. Tomorrow Never Comes is a reflection of these musicians making what they want when they want, and please don’t call it a comeback.

Tomorrow Never Comes starts the record off. It has a shuddering guitar presence and Armstrong sings fearlessly. The percussion is an apparent component too, and the song details hopelessness.

New American is another well-versed track, offering these powerful riffs that rise up and shake the room. The band doesn’t hold back here, and lyrically the band describes a night where hope needs to shine.

Prisoners Song is a slab of punk at its best. Armstrong sings about bitterness and prayers, and the band shows their attributes here. It’s a commanding track, with plenty of flair.

Rancid show why they’re legendary, putting out a record that doesn’t derail from their signature sound completely, but there are moments of surprise here.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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