Raising Dion – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Mark’s Past

Episode 2 of Raising Dion begins after the dramatic events during the night, as the sun rises and Nicole phones Charlotte Tuck, a woman who may know more about Mark’s work. As she leaves a voicemail for her to phone back, it turns out Charlotte was listening the whole time.

Detective Miller arrives soon after, asking about the storm and informing that a lady went missing by the lake. Telling her to phone if anything comes up, she leaves as Nicole phones Pat and tells him the news. Agreeing to help, Nicole hangs up and speaks to Dion about his powers in the morning.

Distracted by a squirrel, it turns out Dion’s powers are far more powerful than initially thought as he teleports to the top of a tree. Panicking, Dion’s asthma flares up as Nicole scrambles for a ladder and helps him down. Offered a job at the hospital, Nicole reluctantly heads off while Dion leaves a note for his Father, telling him they’ve gone home.

At the store, Dion struggles to control his powers again while Nicole is forced to buy an inhaler. Heading to her interview, Dion is advised by Kat to go home as her head isn’t in the game, but is interrupted by the interviewer who invites her in.

Midway through talking to Pat, Dion’s battery dies and he winds up spinning on his chair and levitating, forcing Nicole to end the interview abruptly and head home. Kat phones Pat and asks about Dion’s behaviour before we see Nicole baby-proofing the flat. Midway through, a knock at the door sees her neighbour arrive. Pat phones her soon after, where we learn more about Mark and Charlotte’s shady past. It turns out she went radio silent the day Mark died.

While Dion dons an outfit and a new persona – Mind Mover – Esperanza arrives and heads in to see Dion. After a cute meeting together, she heads home while Dion plays his part and watches as Pat arrives and drops off dinner. Suddenly, Dion teleports outside and grabs a doll left in the middle of the road, only to almost get run over. However, he manages to teleport again at the last second into Nicole’s arms as a shocked Pat watches on.

With some good characterisation and a more direct feel to proceedings, Raising Dion slowly starts to settle into its groove. Esperanza and Dion’s cute meeting is a nice touch and as more of Mark’s shadowy past is uncovered, the more Raising Dion feels like a show that’s starting to find its rhythm. Hopefully this can continue through the rest of the season.


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