Rain Dogs – Season 1 Episode 6 “Jesus likes a Hustler” Recap & Review

Jesus likes a Hustler

Jade and Costello are finally becoming more tolerant of each other in episode 6 of Rain Dogs. After the last chapter, it seemed Costello’s life would be a living nightmare in that place. Part of that notion is still true but perhaps the mother-daughter duo have the skill to adapt. The women reach deep into their hearts to ask Jesus for their wishes.

Costello wants to go back to London but she isn’t content with the idea that God likes needy women. “Jesus likes a Hustler,” she says. Jade also suggests Iris hates Costello. She resists that notion but perhaps feels Jade might be right.

Selby keeps calling Costello from the facility. He wants her to visit but she hasn’t answered him yet. At a Food Bank, Costello runs into Richard, who volunteers there. Things are a little awkward between them, mainly because of Richard. Costello has actually gone to volunteer, which surprises Richard. She wants to work, as the refuge she is in does not allow her to. She and Iris can only be there for six months before they’re pushed to Council.

Frida, a fellow patient at the facility, has taken a liking to Selby. She keeps following him around. It is like a teen infatuation. Despite her condition, Frida has an insightful eye. She goes around the room telling Selby which patient has what disorder. When she comes to Selby, she says “all his relationships have been violent and “he has daddy issues.” It is surprisingly right but Selby is not ready to accept it.

Gloria doesn’t want Costello to visit Selby although Costello herself does. She misses her best friend. But according to the terms of the refuge, Costello cannot do it. Gloria proposes a distraction for her: have the abortion with Gloria if she does it. She is undecided whether or not to go ahead with it. It seems like Gloria has more of an issue having the baby because Paul is involved.

Even though he is a nice man, she wants nothing to do with him. She calls him to visit and is able to articulate her wish for the last time. Paul, even after being told this, feels Gloria will come around to liking him, showing his delusion.

Serena offers Costello and Iris a forever home by the sea in Thanet. That last word repulses Costello though, as she actually does not want to leave London. It turns out that Serena gets £600 per week from the government to run her home.

“Capitalism is the new religion of the 21st century,” exclaims Costello. Jade convinces Costello to be on a webcam with her, but the platform hosts abusive men who get off on the fantasy of beating up women. “BatteredBitc*es” is the username the girls use. Costello finds it intriguing when she sees the donation counter going off so she indulges in the acts and even brings her own creativity to get more money. Business is flourishing and life is good!

Selby has been calling Costello for a month but she hasn’t visited. Frida says she will never go there and Selby assertively tells her to stay away. Gloria gets all decked up and drunk for her abortion, but the attendant at the clinic says she needs to be sober to go through with it. Gloria creates a scene but Costello drags her away. Serena learns about the webcam but the building suddenly starts collapsing. Iris and Candi, Jade’s daughter, are safe though and they are all able to make it out alive.

Selby talks to Kenneth, his therapist, about how much he misses Iris. He wants to get better and make it “all right.” Selby emotionally confesses that he was never taught how to love other people.

At the same time, Costello gets emotional and publicly confronts the neighbours next door. The collapse happened due to their incessant drilling and construction. They do not even live in that house and have a posh place elsewhere. Costello is applauded by the other residents as the couple walks away in defeat.

Frida walks in and lies to Selby that Costello and Iris have come to visit. There is something brewing between them, as Costello refuses to go with Serena to another refuge home. She bids Jade an emotional goodbye bit Iris is not sure about the decision. Costello knows “who they really are”. Gloria picks them up and decides to keep the baby. In the next moment, Costello doubts if she did the right thing. She gets emotional and asks Gloria to take Iris to dinner.

We see her going to the public bathroom Selby frequented for his “sex work.” Costello has a glass of wine in her hand as her phone shows “569 days sober.” She breaks down crying and listens to the voicemail left by Selby. He is genuinely apologetic for his treatment of them and wants to be with them.

The Episode Review

Rumours about Daisy May Cooper becoming the next “M” in James Bond are picking up steam after her stellar show in Rain Dogs. She has truly shown a range of emotions as a complex character. Her characterization and expression of Costello’s predicament have been constant items of inspiration.

Episode 6 featured one of her best moments when she called out the posh couple for their entitlement and listened to Selby’s voicemail in the washroom.

Emotionally, it seems that we are headed towards a resolution. All the issues that have existed between Selby and Costello just beneath the surface are starting to be confronted and sorted out. Gloria has started to come around as well in her journey to find stability and a semblance of maturity.

Episode 6 did a fantastic job, arguably the best until now, to really depict the hard-hitting reality of our protagonists. It has led Rain Dogs in the right direction for a satisfying end.

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