Queen of Tears Episode 11 Spoilers – Is Eun-seong planning to kill Hyun-woo??

Queen of Tears

“Wedding of the century” or “war of the century”? Such is the question that the new k-drama Queen of Tears looks set to pose. Armed with hallyu stars Kim Soo Hyun of It’s Okay to Not Be Okay fame, and Kim Ji-won of Arthdal Chronicles fame, the show is a roller-coaster ride of broken promises and fading marital bliss.

Not only is Queen of Tears one of the most highly anticipated Netflix shows of the year, but also features one of the most high-profile cast, sending it off on a path of sure success. So be warned that the following article contains spoilers.

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From the preview of episode 11, it seems that Hyun-woo and Hae-in will, finally, let go of their reservations and come together. Hyun-woo also vows to take care of her, amidst a scuffle with Eun-seong. So, we can assume that Eun-seong’s stake on Hae-in would finally end. He might either agree to help the Hongs out of his unrequited love for Hae-in by betraying his mother, or he might decide to let go of her completely and opt for revenge.  

We would finally have some adorable romantic scenes with Hyun-woo and Hae-in where Hyun-woo dries her hair and Hae-in looks relatively happy and content. Finally. This might end them back and forth love story once and for all. 

Meanwhile, Soo-cheol seems to have developed a newfound interest in boxing and has Baek Hyun Tae teach him how to fight. Would we see a new and changed Soo-cheol in the next episode? Possibly.  Alternatively, Beom-ja seems to have found a new love interest in Young Song. Good for her! but would she be able to form a healthy relationship? 

The Hong family also seems to be up  to something strange. They all seem to have dressed up and ready for war. Hyun-woo has figured out that Eun-seong is looking for the chairman’s slush fund. So, it’s possible that the entire family is going to try and help outwit Eun-seong. Alternatively, Eun-seong wants Hyun-woo dead. Yikes, that escalated quite fast. 

Meanwhile, we see the Hong family in the hospital. Since Hyun-woo’s parents are not in the clip, it’s possible that Hae-in would be the one to collapse, making her mother regret her actions towards Hae-in. So, are you ready for episode 11 ? What do you think is going to happen? Do let us know, we would love to read your theories! 


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