‘Quantum Error’ Release Date, Platforms & Game Length

Quantum Error

Published and developed by TeamKill Media LLC, Quantum Error is an upcoming cosmic horror title that is being released in November. 

The game puts you in the shoes of a firefighter who is called to a research facility that (unsurprisingly) is on fire. But what starts out as a simple mission to save people from the burning building becomes something far more complex and terrifying when you descend into a nightmarish cosmic journey that will take you to other worlds.

Quantum Error’s trailer (see below) is suitably disturbing so if you’re looking for a few post-Halloween chills, this action-horror title could be the game for you. 

Official synopsis (source):

“The United Nations of America has integrated A.I. into everyday life. Monad, the most powerful tech company in the world, created the Advanced Retinal Global Unity System, ARGUS, to activate and operate this A.I. which is mandatory for all people on earth. People are divided by necessary and unnecessary and will be activated or not activated according to the professions they work in, resulting in opposition from and the formation of militant groups.

When the Monad Quantum Research Facility – 30 miles off the shore of CA – is attacked by an unknown entity in the year 2109, engulfing the complex in flames and putting it into a full containment lock-down, a distress call is sent out for mutual aid, to the Garboa Fire Dept in San Francisco, CA.

Fire Chief Sturgis answers the call and sends you – Capt. Jacob Thomas – and your partner Shane Costa and a crew by helicopter to the Monad Facility.

What starts as a simple mission to save lives from the burning complex, soon descends into a nightmarish cosmic journey that will take you from reality to other worlds where you must fight for your life as well as others.

Experience the mysticism of a cinematic story-driven First Person/Third Person shooter game set in the coming of the Quantum Age. Explore and descend deep into the high-tech yet esoteric Monad facility and beyond, to interstellar travel, encountering enemies and bosses from the familiar to the inexplicable. Ride a rollercoaster of cosmic horror as you fall deeper and deeper into the unknown.”


  • Stunning graphics and dramatic lighting utilizing Global Illumination in Unreal Engine 5 
  • A provocative soundtrack in 3D audio
  • First-person and third-person gameplay
  • Fight a variety of earthly and alien enemies (including epic boss battles)
  • A vast array of upgradeable high-tech weaponry

If you’re looking forward to this upcoming game, here’s everything else you need to know. 

What platforms is Quantum Error releasing on?

Quantum Error will be releasing on PS5 on 3 November 2023. 

Xbox Series X/S and PC versions of the game are also in development and they will be released at a later date (there is no release date at the time of writing). At present, we don’t have information on PC specs but they will be released closer to the game’s release date, whenever that might be. 

A PS4 version of the game was in development but it has sadly now been cancelled. 

Is Quantum Error single-player or multiplayer?

No multiplayer modes have been confirmed so we expect Quantum Error to be a single-player title only.

Will Quantum Error have achievements?

Details of Quantum Error’s achievements can be found here

Will Quantum Error have any DLC?

In an interview with GamingBolt, the developer had this to say about DLC.

“We have ideas for DLC but we are working on Xbox and a jacked pc version using NVidia tech, and have technically started early development work on Quantum Error part 2 that we’re not sure if we can even fit in the time for a DLC. We would only pursue DLC if fans wanted it. We much prefer to just give a full game experience.”

The takeaway? You probably shouldn’t expect any DLC in the near future. 

How long is Quantum Error?

TeamKill Media has confirmed Quantum Error will be 14-20 hours in length, with the longer playthrough being for those who complete the game’s optional content. (source)

Quantum Error trailer

Are you looking forward to Quantum Error? Will you be playing this game on release day? Let us know in the comments below.


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