Power Rangers: Cosmic Fury Season 1 Review

Season 1



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Lightning Strikes
Beyond Repair
Off Grid
Team Work
Rock Out
Take Off
Operation Seasoning
Swtiching Sides
Master Plan
The End


Power Rangers are taking on an old enemy in Cosmic Fury. The sequel to Dino Fury and serving as a follow-up to Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, Cosmic Fury marks the 30th anniversary of the Haim Saban Power Ranger franchise.

Lord Zedd, the emperor of Evil, is back and means business. 30 years hasn’t stopped his thirst for universe domination and only the Dino Fury Rangers stand against Lord Zedd and Zillionaire Bajillia Naire and her allies to save Earth and the universe. 

This time the Rangers are joined by Mighty Morphin’ Blue ranger Billy Cranston (played by David Yost) and a few other ranger allies to help stop this old evil from taking over the universe.

The 10-episode series will be a treat for Power Rangers fans who grew up with the original series. The series is filled with lore and callbacks to the original Mighty Morphin’ and In Space Series. While this might be a little difficult to follow for newer Ranger fans, it’s handled in a great way.

We follow the fight from the Dino Fury team with assistance from Billy Cranston and Mick Kanic (played by Kelson Henderson) Ninja Steel Ranger II, as well as other allies.

With 10 episodes, the series doesn’t waste time showing us that Zedd means business and is fighting to win. Episodes 1 and 2, Lightning Strikes and Beyond Repair, set the tone for the rest of the series very well. And that tone is that Zedd is not playing around with this new incarnation of the Rangers – he is not taking any chances.

The seriousness of Zedd’s return and attacks do not let up. Plot points that were one-offs in Dino Fury come back into play and hang over the season, adding more tension to the overall series.

Cosmic Fury moves brisky with no filler episodes either, making this series a lot more focused than previous ranger seasons. With so much at stake, the series only has time to deal with its threat, not even giving the Power Rangers time to recover.

Of course, the familiar format of the show doesn’t change too much, giving us a new morphin’ sequence and Zord battles every individual chapter.

Even though there are no filler chapters, there is still fun to be had in the writing of Cosmic Fury. Following Dino Fury, the writing shines through with humorous moments to lighten the dark mood of the series.

The performances and development of three characters come to the forefront in terms of development and growth. Amelia Jones (played Hunter Deno) who steps to the front when everything becomes dire.

Ollie Akana (played by Kai Moya) who goes through a transformation that is a callback to previous Ranger seasons, not just Dino Fury. Finally, Fern ( played by Jacqueline Joe) who also goes through her own arc, while making the leap from side character in Dino Fury to main character in Cosmic Fury. There are a lot more changes left for you to find out, that just highlight how serious Lord Zedd is as a threat to this ranger team.

Overall, Cosmic Fury uses its three decades of lore well. And while Cosmic Fury doesn’t explain every single lore reference that appears in the show.

There is enough that is explained to help new viewers understand what is happening and why it is important, especially with references from more modern Power Ranger seasons. This series is great for both old and new ranger viewers alike.

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  • Verdict - 9/10

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