Populuxe – Uneasy Listening | Album Review

Track Listing

Learning the Alphabet
American Night
Something’s Broken at the Wishing Well
Carry Me
I’m Not Good at Drugs
Nowhere Left to Go
Unknown Town
This Show Is Closed
Give Me A Moment


Composed of sheer workmanship, this album by Populuxe plays on the mind in a good way, and it directs whoever wants to listen to the forefront of their inner beliefs. Uneasy Listening is a clever album, taking slow burn tracks and givng them a boost. While this may not be for everyone, it really is a joyous listen.

From the beginning, Uneasy Listening shows so much in terms of rhythm and lyrical craftmanship, and when that acoustic guitar cuts in, it’s never exerted but played with gentle hands instead.

Uneasy Listening has so much musical depth and character. Lyrically, it will take you on a journey of self-discovery, and it will offer you a place to rest your manic brain. It shows us that music like this has the ingredients to guide us through the bluster to calmer times. The musicality here is flawless, and Populuxe as a collective know they’ve created something colossal.

The album has everything. Sorrow fueled words, expert guitar moments, slow build ups, and plenty of vigor. All of this starts with ‘Learning The Alphabet’, which is a six-plus wonder, and it opens calmly, while the instruments drive home undeniable brilliance. It’s a perfect beginning.

‘Carry Me’ starts with a piano vibe and the vocals come in with subtle intentions. Again, it’s a beautiful song, and the instrumentals are well measured. By contrast, ‘Unknown Town’ starts with acoustic flair, and the vocals are solemn. It’s a track that has the utmost meaning.

Overall though, Populuxe delivers an album of well-composed songs, tracks that have that dreamy effect, and undeniable emotion. This one’s well worth a listen.

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  • Verdict - 9/10

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