Poong The Joseon Psychiatrist – K-Drama Season 2 Episode 10 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

The Thriving Clinic

Episode 10 of Poong The Joseon Psychiatrist season 2, the finale begins with Governor Ahn trying to choke Eun-woo to death. Poong reaches just in time and pushes him off. He tries to perform acupuncture on Eun-woo who is barely breathing but his hands keep shaking. He is resigned to giving up and praying but then with a determined look, he picks up the needle.

At that moment, Ahn gets up with a rock and is about to attack, but an injured Gwang-il runs in and tries to stop him. Ahn stabs Gwang-il again and runs away while the physician falls to the ground in pain.

Does Poong get back his acupuncture skills?

Back to our lovers, Poong puts the first needle successfully and sees that his hands have stopped shaking. Eun-woo wakes up albeit after a delay and they cry together as she thanks him for saving her life again. He says she saved him first and she is happy he has regained his acupuncture skills. As he carries her home, he tells her that he was worried. He refuses to put her down and that he will never leave her again. 

Ahn is angrily escaping but he is suddenly surrounded by Gyesoo who show up with weapons. Gye tells him that the King has ordered for Ahn’s arrest and Chil-sung comes and arrests him. Meanwhile, as Gwang-il lies injured, Gye finds him and tries to keep him conscious by bantering but the young physician faints.

How is Poong’s name cleared at court?

At Gyesoo, Gwang-il is healing but he refuses to wake up. Gye thinks he feels guilty and in his sleep, Gwang-il calls out Poong’s real name Yoo Se-yeop. Poong runs out and remembers scolding Gwang-il in court as he failed to treat a patient. Gwang-il finally wakes up and sees he is alone with Poong. Poong apologizes for being arrogant and Gwang-il says even in his dream he kept fighting him.

Poong gets ready to go to the capital and tells Gye to look after Eun-woo as she has yet to recover. At court, Gwang-il is on his knees while the King berates the Royal Clinic for falsely accusing Poong. Gwang-il tells him about Ahn’s plan and his murder of Mak-jin.

He recalls Ahn saying that they should pretend not to know anything but he confesses even his involvement. The King announces that Ahn will be beheaded, Gwang-il will be exiled, everyone in the Royal Clinic will be replaced and Poong is to become the new Head Royal Physician. 

How does Eun-woo become an unwedded woman?

Poong checks in on the King who thanks him for being by his side. He asks about Poong’s marriage and offers to find a bride for him. Poong says he is in love with Eun-woo and the King says that is something he cannot allow. Poong requests to hire her as part of the Royal Clinic as she is talented. The King is not sure about the gossip mill but Poong reveals he will leave and go back to Sorak while Eun-woo works at the court.

Poong returns to Gyesoo and gives Eun-woo the materials for the royal medical exam. He says it is her turn to experience the world. Eun-woo is excited but she doesn’t want to leave him. He says she is fated to save more lives and they smile sadly. Eun-woo agrees and gives the exam. She passes with high scores and is appointed to the maternity ward. The King tells her to take care of his Queen who is pregnant.

Eun-woo is leaving when she runs into Poong and is confused. He says the King has called him to court as the Queen may have a difficult labour. Poong and Eun-woo look after the royal couple together and the Queen sees that Eun-woo is compatible with Poong which saddens her as they cannot be together.

Eun-woo tries to secretly leave a gift for Poong but he catches her. They suddenly get shy and he opens the gift to see it is a clock she bought for him with her first salary. He is touched as she says it symbolizes their time together and he kisses her head. Their moment is interrupted as they have to rush to the Queen who is struggling as she goes into labour.

The Queen faints and Eun-woo performs acupuncture while the King waits with bated breath outside. She delivers the baby successfully while saving the Queen and everyone rejoices. The King is impressed and Eun-woo and Poong both credit each other. The Queen points out that it is heartbreaking that Eun-woo cannot have a child of her own and requests the King to grant her the title of an unwed woman.

The King allows it and also tells Eun-woo to look after his subjects which includes Poong as well. In public, Poong announces Eun-woo’s promotion from the maternity ward to Head Female Physician and also an annulment from her previous marriage which makes her an unmarried woman.

Does Granny die?

At Gyesoo, Gye is ready to scold the staff for eating but Granny tells him to sit down and help her fold the linen. She tears up as she tells him how to clean and remembers when she was a young, bright woman. He compliments her and she is happy that Gyesoo helped her bloom. Gye is confused and worried as she tells him to continue saving people. She hopes Poong and Eun-woo will visit before the first snow and Ip-boon dolls her up.

It starts snowing and they all head out and play. As Poong and Eun-woo walk to Sorak, Eun-woo says she dreamt of Granny and hopes she’s okay. Poong says she probably misses her and they hold hands for the rest of the journey. They reach Gyesoo and everyone is happy to see them including Granny.

That night, Granny gives everyone gifts while Gye looks at her sadly. She tells Poong and Eun-woo that they did the right thing saving each other. As she hugs Poong and closes her eyes, she hopes they will remember her every time they see a snowflake. She hopes that they don’t have a memorial for her but a banquet on her death ceremony with cheerful music. At that moment, Poong and Gye realise she has passed away.

What happens to Gyesoo Clinic?

A year later, all of Gyesoo walk to a cliff where they have buried Granny and leave flowers. We then cut to Poong and Eun-woo all dressed up and awkward in a room together and see that it is their wedding night. They are adorably shy as Poong ends up getting hiccups on seeing her. She ends up giving him liquor and they are clumsy as they drop it, try to clean it, hold hands and again turn away.

All of the cures for hiccups require Eun-woo to either touch his stomach or his chest and they get flustered. She finally decides enough is enough and makes the first move. Outside, Gyesoo are annoyed that it took them so long but are happy that Eun-woo made the first move.

Meanwhile, Gye is busy secretly giving snacks to people in the village. Elsewhere, Gwang-il looks after patients and is happy to see Gye visit him. Gye teases him for copying Gyesoo but encourages him for treating villagers. Jang-hoon has started looking after patients as well through acupuncture while Ip-boon becomes a psychiatrist. Man-bok provides physical therapy while Nam-hae feeds the younger patients. 

Who is Baek Gwang-hyun?

Poong heads to an inn and sits across a mysterious man who also orders the same drink as him and they look at each other shocked. They suddenly see a villager faint, and both of them go to check on him. The mysterious man tries to perform acupuncture but his hands start shaking. Poong steps in and the villager wakes up. As the mysterious man tries to leave, Poong asks him about his hand.

He says he is going to quit and become a lawyer and Poong says he looks too untrustworthy to be one. The man insults him too by calling him a physician who looks like a pimp and introduces himself as Baek Gwang-hyun. Poong offers to cure his hand and Gwang-hyun laughs and refuses. They trade insults and Poong tells him to find his clinic if he ever changes his mind.

How does Poong The Joseon Psychiatrist season 2 end?

Poong is setting up everything at Gyesoo and sees Eun-woo early in the morning. He tries to check her pulse as she looks tired and she refuses. The rest of Gyesoo overhear and laugh as they wonder if Eun-woo is pregnant. She then asks for a tonic which indirectly confirms the speculation. At that moment, a patient appears and Gyesoo get ready to treat him.

The Episode Review

Despite knowing that Poong would inevitably get his hands back, it was a heart-wrenching moment with Kim Min-jae giving his all in that poignant scene where he thinks he has almost lost Eun-woo. As for Gwang-il, he gets his redemption arc as he does the right thing and continues to do so even after getting exiled.

The workplace romance between Eun-woo and Poong was cute as it was completely different from how they were at Gyesoo. Working together in a high-pressure environment and sneaking around gave us a glimpse of how different their love would have been had they stayed at the palace.

Of course, we have to talk about that silly little cameo by Min-jae’s bestie, Woo Do-hwan as Baek Gwang-hyun to tease his next sageuk drama Joseon Lawyer. Finally, after their explosive chemistry in Tempted, it was good to see their ongoing bromance 5 years later with that bickering at the end of the Poong The Joseon Psychiatrist finale. 

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