Pool Kids – Self-titled EP | Album Review

Track List

Conscious Uncoupling
That’s Physics, Baby
Almost Always Better
Talk Too Much
Comes In Waves
I Hope You’re Right
Waking Up
Arm’s Length


Emo is in a good place when bands such as Pool Kids claim their prize. The act’s self-titled album progressively delves into the human condition and the way we all seem to feel these days.

Stuck in the modern era, we still can’t escape depressive notions and recurring nightmares, and on this release, Pool Kids describe their unsettling traits and their thoughts.

Sharp guitar work makes waves here. The band strums and they’ve used their chords to the desired effect, putting the instrument into the middle point of relevance. Also, the lyrical content takes influence from broken memories and days spent in the dust of summer and snap of winter. Though, in different seasons the feelings don’t improve much. 

Emo music can be somewhat overblown. On this evidence though, Pool Kids draw up a new level and they’re committed to change perceptions. The music may be sad, poignant, and highly strung, but it isn’t drab or hyperbolic either – it’s actually desirable. 

‘Conscious Uncoupling’ takes strides and begins the record. A subdued start, it gains pace, and the guitars become bold statements. Emotional lyricism ensues. Further starts off softly, with well weaved guitar sounds, and the vocals come through tenderly, then the music rises when the chorus hits. It’s compelling. 

‘Couch’ opens with tenacious vocals and a slow drumbeat. The lyrics describe staleness in life. It’s a relatable inclusion. ‘Pathetic’ again slows the album down, but the song doesn’t disappoint. It’s a well-developed track and a soft chime. 

Pool Kids take strength from their emo roots. Their album may not be upbeat, but it has moments of sheer emotion and it challenges the way we feel. 

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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