Polar States – Self-Titled EP | Album Review

Track List

So Much Happened Since You Came
Waves (Beyond The Shore)
Safe House
Dust – Exit


Young upstarts Polar States send shivers up spines with their self-titled EP. The band is fairly new to the industry but they certainly don’t lack decisiveness. Their artistic progression has been rapid too, and their lyrical forays are intelligent and poetic. 

Some will be shocked at the quality of this EP and the assertiveness shown by this band, but why should they be, as it isn’t unknown for a band that is newish to propel so quickly. The standards set are top-notch, and Polar States prove they’re in it for the foreseeable. future.

Every track pulsates, every guitar moment glitters, and the words aren’t paper thin either. They create a story of love, memories and old flames. The themes do not stick to one formula; they go beyond a story describing lust, and they deliver so much more. 

Storms brew in the heads at times. Melancholy attacks the senses, while the band plays their hearts out. Some songs tenderly focus on the depth of love, and some edge close to revealing all that has been hidden. It shines, it delivers, and it will make those who listen think hard.

‘So Much Happened Since You Came’ opens the shades to a beautiful light. The guitar sound isn’t too loud, but the vocals raise the tension. Lyrically, the song conveys strong views. It’s a perfect start. 

‘Waves (Beyond The Shore)’ opens calmly. The instrumentals come in with subtle twists until they rise up. The vocals describe sad times and eventful visions. 

‘Safe House’ by comparison, is a metaphorical wonder. The acoustic sound evolves and the lyrical content only gets better. The track details a collision of personalities. 

‘Dust’ is a poetic masterclass. The band knows how to design hits and this song doesn’t disappoint. The vocal work tunes us in and the instrumentals engage. 

Ultimately, Polar States wow here. And the crazy thing is, the band hasn’t peaked yet. They’ve still got a lot more to say and we can’t wait to see what they have up their sleeves.

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  • Verdict - 9/10

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