PI Meena (2023) Season 1 Ending Explained – What does Meena do after meeting Dr Basu?

PI Meena Plot Summary

PI Meena is a crime investigation story about Meenakshi Iyer aka Meena who unearths a scandalous trope in play when an unknown virus outbreaks threatens the nation. The show stars Tanya Maniktala in the titular lead.

The story follow Meena as she unravels a serious coup at play which could threaten to plunge the nation into another serious pandemic. 

After Meena becomes the sole eye witness to a young man’s fatal accident, she finds the investigation of that case to be sketchy. She employs her skills to find out more and bring justice.

What happened to the boy?

As Meena ventures further into the investigation, our protagonist finds out that the boy’s accident was not an accident but actually a murder. 

She also uncovers a deadly virus outbreak in the eastern town of Littnong. This virus is more dangerous than any other which came before. Those involved in creating and spreading the virus have their own intentions at play. 

What happened to Dr Rathindra Basu?

Any role by Vinay Pathak is bound to leave you amazed by his performance. The actor has time and again shown his versatility in delivering each performance with a finesse and his role as Dr Rathindra Basu is no less.

Dr Basu is a professor emeritus as a university but his talents lie far beyond the classroom walls. As Meena uncovers the truth about the virus, she finds that Dr Basu is not so innocent or unaware of the matter as he poses to be. 

After Dr Rakhaw is killed, and most people associated with the investigation also removed from the picture, Meena finds that Dr Basu might just be the puppeteer controlling the strings.

He did conduct research on deadly viruses at a secret facility in his past. His greed overtook his humane nature and led him to sell the virus on the black market to the highest bidder. The virus would be potentially used to start a bio-terrorism war on a global scale. 

Does Meena solve the mystery?

In the finale, Meena finally solves the mystery of Partho’s death and his involvement with the virus study. It was Dr Basu who ordered a hit on Partho after he backed out from the sale. Dr Basu had already figured that Meena was hot on his tail.

When she visits him to confront on this matter, Dr Basu keeps no charades up. He attacks Meena with a deadly injection and Meena counter attacks him by pushing the same needle in his shoulder. In a scuffle, Dr Basu hits his head on the shelf behind him and falls on his face, the injection working its way inside his body. 

How does PI Meena end?

Meena, who sprained her ankle and also had some injuries, leaves from Dr Basu’s house as fast as she can. As the show comes to a conclusion, we are still unaware if Dr Basu did truly die or was he saved by a stroke of luck after Meena left. Meena’s voiceover that the city knows her truth echoes as the finale comes to close. 

Meena uncovered Dr Basu’s truth but no one else is aware of it. Now since she left a fatally wounded Dr Basu to die, will she be treated as a murderer? What is to become of Meena, her brother Joy, and those around Meena? 

These sort of plot holes certainly take away from the entertaining and engaging factor of the show. Perhaps a second season would fix these issues and deliver the content and viewing experience that the story promises.

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