Past, Present & Future – Super8 & Tab Album Review



Track Listing

Helsinki Scorchin’ (Super8 & Tab 2019 Remix) – Super8 & Tab
Lungs – Super8 & Tab
We’re Not Going Home – Ferry Corsten & ilan Bluestone
Flying By Candlelight (Above & Beyond Club Mix) – Above & Beyond
Hearts & Silence (Super8 & Tab Remix) – Myon & Late Night Alumni
Trigger – Super8 & Tab
Strange World (Andrew Bayer Remix) – Push
Kill Switch – Genix
Frozen Ground – (Cosmic Gate Remix) – ilan Bluestone & Giuseppe De Luca
Love You More (Andrew Bayer & Genix In My Next Life Mix) – Andrew Bayer
Traverse – Avenia & With The Winds
Cosmo (Vigel Remix) – Super8 & Tab
Thrive – Super8 & Tab
Icarus – HGHLND & Apollo Nash
Burn (Luke Bond Remix) – Super8 & Tab
Repeat After Me – Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike & Armin van Buuren & W&W
Kingdom – Avenia
Stronger – nFiX & Candice
The Night King – Graham Bell
Venture (Nifra Remix) – Super8 & Tab
1998 (Mark Sixma Remix) – Binary Finary
Alba (Ashley Wallbridge Remix) – Super8
Unforgiven (Radion6 Remix) – DJ Tab
Amsterdam (Super8 & Tab Remix) – Luminary



Fresh off their recent set at A State Of Trance 900 in Utrecht, Super8 & Tab return for a tech-trance infused trip down memory lane. Combining past favourites with present big hitters and potential future classics, the Finnish duo showcase a musical journey through the diverse world of trance across 90 minutes.

The album opens strongly with the recent 2019 remix of Helsinki Scorchin’. The grimy, updated feel to this otherwise euphoric track works surprisingly well here and sets the mood for the tracks to follow. While Lungs shows off a much more EDM-influenced style from the pair, these commercially driven tracks are placed few and far between with Repeat After Me standing out as the weakest track on the album.

When the pair really dive into the euphoric content they’ve always been so good at, the album shines. The various vocal trance tracks, including the haunting vocals of Flying By Candlelight, Luke Bond’s updated remix of Burn and classic anthem Amsterdam, are easily the stand outs here on a musically diverse compilation. It’s also nice to see some airtime given to my favourite tune from last year, Hearts & Silence, with a distinct Super8 & Tab remix adding a twist to proceedings.

Credit where credit’s due, it would have been so easy to throw in the usual trance classics here but the Finnish duo have really gone out of their way to either remix the classics or showcase tunes that don’t always get as much airtime as they perhaps deserve. Strange World, Amsterdam and 1998 are all given the remix treatment here and it works really well to tie in to the vibe of this album; this is unmistakably Super8 & Tab at their techy, electro-trance best. As a showcase for the incredible diversity in this growing genre, Past, Present & Future certainly shows this across its 90 minute run time.

It’s not the best mix and perhaps not quite as euphoric or intense as some of their live sets, but there’s enough here to recommend Super8 & Tab’s new album to trance lovers. The commercial EDM-styled tunes do feel a little out-of-place but are thankfully few and far between. The good mixing between tracks and the showcased diversity across the spectrum of trance makes it easy to look past this.

Trance compilations like this seem to be a rare occurrence nowadays, with producers churning out the same trance classic mixes again and again for a quick cash-in. Super8 & Tab’s effort is an homage to that age-old era where mixes like this showcased the best of a genre that just continues to grow from strength to strength.

  • Verdict - 7.5/10

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