Parallels – TGC (The Green Children) | Album Review

Track Listing

Summon Our Love
Bad Side
Secret Wedding


They say third time’s a charm and that much is especially true when it comes to TGC’s latest LP. The Green Children return with the brilliantly dreamy and ethereal album in ‘Parallels’. With strong mixing and some solid hooks, this Norwegian/English duo of Milla Fay Sunde and Marlow Bevan combine once more to make one of this year’s stronger pop efforts.

Released on 8th July, TGC’s album combines strong vocals with solid beats throughout. The LP itself is split across 10 tracks, beginning with the already-released ‘Sophie’ and winding its way through a dreamy sonic that grips you from start to finish.

‘Sophie’ starts things off on the front foot, with some gorgeous lyrics and a catchy melody. The real stand-out line here oozes poetic meaning, “I wanna swim in the black skies, sink in your dark eyes, forever live by your side.” It’s such a simple but visually striking image that perfectly sums up how good some of the lyrics are here.

‘Rooms’ shifts things slightly to accommodate a more uplifting chorus that plays with the tempo, slowing things before rising into a beautiful crescendo.

‘Parallels’ is arguably the best track on the album. It’s a chilled song but one that’s backed up by some really thought provoking lyrics and excellent singing throughout. The minimalist drum beat works alongside this to really highlight the lyrics.

The next few tracks increase the tempo and lean into the obvious pop influences. This works beautifully to usher in ‘Summon Our Love’ which is another very strong track, with the highlight coming from the breakdown. The way all the instruments strip out so the lyrics shine before storming back into the final chorus and verse is effortlessly done.

The album pleasantly drives through ‘Echo’ and ‘Bad Side’ before ‘Secret Wedding’ closes the LP out. It’s a great track to close on too, highlighting the vocals, which take centre-stage here alongside minimalist chord work. It’s the perfect way to round out a very impressive album.

If you’ve heard TGC’s previous work then you know exactly what to expect here. The dreamy, ethereal vocals ooze their way onto each track, with some tight mixing throughout.

Whether it be a fast-tempo record like ‘ECG’ and ‘Sophie’ or a slowed down vocal showstopper like ‘Secret Wedding’, TGC are versatile enough to effortlessly showcase their talent. Parallels is well worth a listen and one of this year’s stronger albums.

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  • Verdict - 8.5/10

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