Palworld Guide: How To Find & Hatch Eggs

Palworld Guide: How To Find & Hatch Eggs

Palworld is the latest open world craze that’s taking the PC world by storm right now. And the alpha has finally dropped! With fantastic art direction, some great mechanics and a moreish gameplay style, there’s plenty to see and do with this one.

One of the more intriguing parts of the open world experience comes from eggs. These eggs hold Pals inside that can be hatched and join your merry band of Pals for your journey ahead.

Where Do You Find Eggs?

Eggs in Palworld can be found in set spawn points over the map. Early on, in the Plateau of Beginnings, you’ll actually find one quite close to your Spawn points. There are also a fair amount dotted along the coastline too, which are worth picking up. The actual egg types are random though, so you’ll pick up a different egg to another player.

Eggs come in three predominant sizes – normal, large and huge. Of course, the larger the egg, the more they’ll weigh you down.

You can also breed Pals once you reach Level 19, which also unlocks the Breeding farm too. Pairing up two Pals of the opposite sex and giving them cake will help produce an egg.

How Do You Unlock The Egg Incubator?

The Egg Incubator can be unlocked when you reach Level 7 via the Technology Screen. However, this will require an Ancient Technology point, which can only be gained by beating bosses. The first will be Zoe and Grizzbolt at the Rayne Syndicate Tower (which we’ll cover in a separate guide). 

Once the recipe is unlocked, build the egg incubator but you’ll need 10x Paldium Fragments, 5x Cloth, 30x Stone and 2 Ancient Civilization Parts (which is also unlocked from beating bosses).

How Does The Incubator Work?

Once you’ve placed the Incubator, you can start incubating any eggs you’ve collected. Place it in and you’ll notice a timer. However, do note that if you take it out, the timer will reset. The eggs will hatch faster if the temperature is good. For obvious reasons, Frozen eggs will want to hatch when it’s cold and vice-versa for Scorching Eggs too.

The time taken will differ depending on a variety of randomized factors but shouldn’t take longer than a few in-game hours to hatch. However, if you want to speed the process up, you can do so via the settings.

What Pal Will I Get From My Egg?

The following table should help show the different element you’ll gain from the various Egg you’ve placed in the Incubator. Of course, the larger the egg, the rarer the Pal will be.

Egg Type Pal Element
Scorching Egg Fire
Verdant Egg Grass
Rocky Egg Ground
Damp Egg Water
Frozen Egg Ice
Electric Egg Electric
Common Egg Neutral
Dark Egg Dark
Dragon Egg Dragon

And that’s about all there is to finding and using the Egg Incubator. Of course, if we’ve missed anything, do let us know in the comments below!

Hopefully our guide will help you along the way in becoming the best Palworld hunter you can be! Are we missing anything here that you’d recommend players know? Do let us know in the comments below!

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