Oshi No Ko – Season 1 Episode 10 Recap & Review


Episode 10 of Oshi No Ko begins with Ruby and MEM-cho trying to persuade Kana to become the center of B Komachi. Despite Ruby and MEM-cho’s compliments and kind gestures, Kana reminds the girls she doesn’t want to be the group’s center. Ruby suggests she listens to them sing, and through this act, Kana winds up agreeing to become their center even if she doesn’t want to.

Miyako arrives to inform the girls that Pieyon will help them prepare for the Japan Idol Festival. After some stamina exercises, Pieyon discusses things with Kana while Ruby and MEM-cho develop strategies for their performance. Kana admits she doesn’t have what it takes to be an idol and feels no one understands who she is on a personal level. Pieyon lists several facts he knows about Kana’s life, surprising her. As they discuss their shared interests, Kana wonders if she should abandon her quest for Aqua’s affection and consider Pieyon a possible love interest.

During their break, Kana tells MEM-cho why she dislikes Aqua. Ruby calls the two and tells them it’s time to practice again. Meanwhile, Pieyon is talking to someone on the phone and lists Ruby, MEM-cho, and Kana’s best feats. However, it’s revealed the Pieyon that’s been with our girls is Aqua in disguise, as the real Pieyon is on vacation somewhere. Pieyon’s surprised that Aqua’s managed to capture his essence and voice. Aqua says this disguise is necessary to get Kana onboard with B Komachi.

Kana tells Ruby she should get some rest before the performance tomorrow. Ruby says her excitement for tomorrow’s performance makes it difficult for her to fall asleep. Kana questions why Ruby’s so optimistic about it since there’s a chance they could fail miserably. Ruby says she’s always dreamed of becoming an idol and recalls her previous life when she was confined to a hospital bed. She admits to developing a mild crush on the doctor and wonders what he’s been up to. Ruby falls asleep, and Kana wishes someone would support her. Kana leaves the room. She spots Pieyon without his mask and realizes it’s actually Aqua, surprising her.

The girls and Miyako arrive at the Japan Idol Festival and learn they’ll perform at the Star Stage. Miyako leads them to the dressing room. Kana and the others are shocked by how crowded things are as Miyako breaks down how underground idols differ from those with big fanbases. Kana sits alone and feels immense pressure as B Komachi’s lead and recalls past events where people made her feel unneeded. Ruby rushes over to Kana to let her know how nervous she feels about the performance. She grabs Kana’s hand and notices she’s cautious about the performance.

Kana tells Ruby she doesn’t want her and MEM-cho to experience the pain of failure as she has over the years. Ruby says they should be open to failure and should go out there and have fun. The episode closes with the girls dressed up and ready to give it their best shot.

The Episode Review

Sometimes people need that one person in their lives who’ll push them to achieve better. Fortunately, Kana found that beacon of support through Ruby in this week’s chapter of Oshi No Ko. Kana fanatics will adore this episode the most as it gives them a deeper look into why she views herself poorly compared to others.

With her consistent failures, it’s no wonder she felt she wasn’t the perfect fit for being B Komachi’s center despite her multiple talents. This episode shows audiences that even if you have perfect genes, you’re not immune to having doubts about yourself. With this upcoming performance, viewers can expect Kana, Ruby, and MEM-cho to give it their best shot.

Hopefully, it’ll lead to a great reaction from audiences. This episode also gave viewers insight into how non-popular idols get treated at festivals. It’s a bummer to see the unfairness of it all, but it’s great that this show continues to give viewers an honest portrayal of the culture. Overall, this was a delightful episode of Oshi No Ko. Kana received subtle development, and it’s lovely seeing her relationship with Ruby grow. Hopefully, we’re in for a stellar performance to wrap up Oshi No Ko season one.

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