Once Upon A Star (2023) Ending Explained – What happens to Manit and his troupe?

Once Upon A Star Plot Summary

Once Upon a Star by Nonzee Nimibutr is a heartfelt story about a travelling cinema troupe and the challenges they face as new technology comes to the fore. While handling those challenges, each member is also faced with a personal dilemma of their own.

The retro themed story takes the audience back to the golden era of Thai cinema which saw the rise and sudden demise of Mitr Chaibancha. Released on Netflix on October 11th, just a few days after the death anniversary of Mitr Chaibancha, this heart-felt drama is certainly worth a watch.

What happened to Manit, Man, Kao and Kae?

At the end of the movie, we see that Kao took up acting. He is in touch with Kae and updates her about his, Man’s and Manit’s life. He also sent her a picture with his actor friends from the set of a latest movie he’s working on.

Meanwhile, Man and Manit finally won the lottery and they continued their travelling cinema business. But this time, they had a new bus and new equipment. Kae continues with her interest in the films, and she still has the typewriter that the trio gifted her.

Who is Mitr Chaibancha?

Mitr Chaibancha is one of the most popular yesteryear actors of Thai cinema. His acting, his movies and his style were revered by fans. His were one of the last years of the Thai movies being run on 16mm print. Soon after, 35mm prints took over the scene, along with audio in the movies.

Mitr’s voice was unheard by the fans in movies because of lack of audio. Instead, his movies were shown with live dubbing artists speaking his dialogue. Despite that, fans worshipped the golden star.

His sudden death at the young age of 36 was a shock to the whole country. So much so that the fans demanded his body to be hoisted and shown as proof that Mitr is truly no more.

Once Upon A Star captures that religious fan following of the Thai populace in the cinema. Mitr was a star in his own right and he continues to be so. He impacted millions of lives with his personal rags to riches story, his success in the movies and his larger than life roles on screen.

Once Upon A Star is an ode to an era of the Thai cinema which saw a new leaf turning in terms of technology and also saw an end of an era.


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