Oh! Youngsim – K-drama Episode 3 Recap & Review

A Shameful Past Can Have a Butterfly Effect

Episode 3 of Oh! Youngsim (also called Oh! Young Shim, Oh! Young-shim, and Oh! Youngsimi) picks up with a deeper look into Kyeong-tae’s and Wol-sook’s private moment at the arcade. After Kyeong-tae pulls her aside, he asks Wol-sook if she will act like she doesn’t know him until their last date, but doesn’t tell her why. She agrees but asks for him to choose her as his final choice to continue dating (which explains why he picked her in the last episode).

At Young-sim’s workplace, everyone except for Young-sim is discussing the success of the first episode when Chief asks where Young-sim is. Apparently, she is at home “not feeling well.” After the show aired with her throwing up on a pedal boat, who could blame her?

The cartoon version of Young-sim comes on, and Young-sim sees Wol-sook talking to her crush. Young-sim pretends to get his attention by drowning. But Kyeong-tae sees and jumps in to save her.

Meanwhile, the real Kyeong-tae is being introduced to his new assistant, Soon-sim. Like Young-sim, she is also embarrassed by her connection to the Oh! Youngsim cartoon. She tells Kyeong-tae that her name is Oh Ha-yun. But he tells her that he knows who she is.

Later, Kyeong-tae and Chae-dong meet with Chief about potentially making new shows with Kingvely’s name. Chief mentions that Young-sim hasn’t been showing up to work due to her embarrassment from the episode airing and Chae-dong defends her. Chief lets it slip to Kyeong-tae that Chang-dong and Young-sim are always together.

Kyeong-tae finds Chae-gong and asks about how long he has worked with Young-sim. He confesses that he joined about a year ago and fell in love with Young-sim. Kyeong-tae mumbles that Chang-dong must be out of his mind and walks away.

At home, he tries to play the piano, but Chae-dong’s words echo in his head. The next morning, Kyeong-tae opens his drawer and glances at the headphones that he gave Young-sim all those years ago.

Unable to get Young-sim out of his head, Kyeong-tae, dressed in an obvious-looking disguise, creeps by Young-sim’s house. Young-sim’s niece, Ji-yoo, catches him as her parents come out of the gate. Thinking he is a trench coat flasher, Jin-sim, Young-sim’s older sister, kicks him down. They realize who he is after they take his sunglasses off, and invite him for dinner.

Young-sim’s family peppers Kyeong-tae with questions, and he explains that he just wanted to see his old neighborhood.

Young-sim, meanwhile, is having dinner with Chae-dong and getting drunk.

Supported by Chang-dong, Young-sim stumbles home just as Kyeong-tae is leaving. Keyong-tae offers his hand and expresses his desire for friendship, but she grabs his arm and throws him forward, trying to beat him up and swearing at him. Jin-sim drags her inside, and Kyeong-tae limps home.

The next morning, Jin-sim and Young-sim scream at each other after Jin-sim tries to wake Young-sim up. After a lot of effort, Young-sim gives herself a pep talk and (literally) rolls out of bed to go to work.

When she gets to work, she finds out that even the security guard watched her show. He feels so bad for her that he offers to set her up with one of his unmarried nephews, much to Young-sim’s embarrassment. It just gets worse when she goes into the office to find her co-workers singing the Oh! Youngsim theme song.

Chief calls Young-sim into his office. He asks her to do a new variety show with Kyeong-tae that he and Kyeong-tae discussed earlier. He tells her that Keyeong-tae said he didn’t want to do the show anymore (after visiting Young-sim’s house). She tries to back out of it, but Chief threatens that she will lose her job if she doesn’t cooperate. She remembers her promises to her dad that she’ll give her best, and she agrees to do the show and ask Kyeong-tae to come on it. Their conversation is interrupted by some news: audio of Wol-sook and Kyeong-tae’s arrangement for the dating show has been leaked, most likely by Wol-sook herself.

In Kyeong-tae‘s office, Soon-sim alerts him of the leaked audio, which is decreasing Kingvely’s sales.

Wol-sook basks in the new attention and watches as her YouTube channel receives tons of new subscribers.

Kyeong-tae walks into Chief’s office, announcing that he will join the new variety show after all. With confidence, Kyeong-tae tells Chief that he and Yong-sim will start a new, honest dating show. The episode ends with Young-sim looking at him, eyes wide with surprise.

The Episode Review

Overall, this episode is great. It has some pretty hilarious moments, and the love triangle between Young-sim, Chang-dong, and Kyeong-tae is ever so slowly heating up.

The faces that Song Ha-yoon (Young-sim) has been making throughout this series are downright hilarious. The scene where Young-sim beats Kyeong-tae up is surprising and definitely draws out a good laugh. And the trench coat incident is pretty funny as well.

We are also slowly starting to see what the other characters are like. Soon-sim seems well put together and good-natured; Jin-sim is the nagging older sister; and Wol-sook’s true nature is confirmed.

If this show has a villain, then it is self-seeking Wol-sook. But then again, there was a girl in the first episode who was trash-talking Young-sim, so we might have two mean characters. Time will tell. On to the next episode!


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