Numbers – K-drama Episode 7 Recap & Review

Sibling Rivalry and Unexpected Discoveries

Episode 7 of Numbers starts when Yeon-a finds Ho-woo at Taeil Accounting Firm’s filing room and asks if she can join him in whatever he’s doing. It seems she’s referring to convincing Chan-joo not to buy Cakebean franchise stores. 

Ho-woo asks Yeon-a why he’s doing whatever he’s doing. Yeon-a then tells Ho-woo he’s probably doing what he’s doing because of money. Again, it seems she thinks all this is just about the Cakebean franchise. Ho-woo begins telling Yeon-a that he takes things so easily, and that hurts her feelings. 

Meanwhile, Jung Si-young and Kim Jong-ok, accountants at Taeil Accounting Firm, are gossiping about Ho-woo and how he managed to stop Chan-joo from buying the Cakebean franchise. They go to the filing room, and Ho-woo pulls Yeon-a to go hide.

 Jung Si-young and Kim Jong-ok begin making comments about Ho-woo’s academic background. This pisses Yeon-a off, so she decides to come out and confront them about what they’re saying. How she reacted surprised everyone there, especially Ho-woo. 

Elsewhere, Je-kyun bumps into Lee Sung-joo, Chan-joo’s brother. Je-kyun addresses Lee Sung-joo as “chairman” as he greets him. Could he have taken over the chairman position at Sang-Ah Group? Lee Sung-joo tells Je-kyun that he’ll visit him in the next couple of days to discuss something with him.

We’re taken back to when Jang Ji-soo met a politician in the previous episode. Jang Ji-soo had given him rights to one of the patents from PEF HK Private Equity in exchange for him pushing for a certain hearing in the National Assembly. What exactly is Jang Ji-soo trying to achieve by doing this? 

Later, Seung-jo finds Son Hye-won, who is mad at him for causing the Cakebean franchise store deal to flop. But, Seung-jo shows her the franchise’s financial statements to prove that this deal wouldn’t be a good one. Son Hye-won then starts admiring out loud how Ho-Woo was brave enough to convince Chan-joo not to buy the Cakebean franchise. 

Ho-woo meets An Seung-yeon at Taeil Accounting Firm’s cafeteria. Ho-woo starts telling An Seung-yeon that Jisan Bank’s audit report deal doesn’t have to fail for her to win the battle between her and Je-kyun. Remember, Je-kyun and An Seung-yeon have been fighting over who’ll get the Jisan Bank’s audit deal. 

Ho-woo then mentions to An Seung-yeon about being a victim of Taeil Accounting Firm. Amid their conversation, Ho-woo notices the deaf barista at the cafeteria is a little too attentive to their conversation. Well, the barista writes details about Ho-woo and An Seung-yeon’s conversation on Je-kyun’s coffee cup just like she did the last time. 

Not long after, Je-kyun summons Ho-woo to his office and asks him why he convinced Chan-joo not to buy the Cakebean franchise. Ho-woo was the one who recommended the idea of selling the franchise to Chan-joo, although not directly. 

Ho-woo does explain, but there’s more to it than Ho-woo is willing to say. Je-kyun then threatens Ho-woo to teach him a lesson if he tries something like this again. He then gets Ho-woo off any major projects he was working on.

Later, several men are sent to pick things from Ho-woo’s. This could be the documents on the projects he has been working on. Jung Si-young and Kim Jong-ok waste no time to gossip what’s happening to Ho-woo. Yeon-a then comes into the office and sees what’s happening, so she tries calling Ho-woo, but he doesn’t pick up. 

Lee Sung-joo arrives at Taeil Accounting Firm to talk to Seung-jo about his intention to take over Sang-Ah Group’s bonds. In simpler terms, Lee Sung-Joo wants to take over Sang-Ah Group. Seung-jo asks Lee Sung-joo why he asked him to help him with this plan. Lee Sung-joo then tells Seung-jo that he knows he and Je-Kyun aren’t on good terms, which is why he asks him to help him execute the plan. 

Chan-joo comes to see Je-kyun at Taeil Accounting Firm after Ho-woo had tried to convince him not to buy the Cakebean franchise. As expected, Je-kyun starts apologizing for not telling the truth about the Cakebean franchise, but it’s clear that Je-kyun isn’t sincere in his apology. Chan-Joo then invites Ho-Woo, and heaps praise on him for convincing him not to go ahead with this franchise. All this infuriates Je-kyun. Chan-joo mentions something about Je-kyun and Ho-woo resembling each other, which is quite a strange remark. 

Chan-joo, Je-kyun, Hyeong-woo, and Ho-woo sit down to discuss Lee Bo-Sung possibly managing Sang-Ah Group. Chan-joo bumps into Lee Sung-joo at Taeil Accounting Firm. Of course, Chan-joo isn’t glad to see him, and things get ugly between them quite quickly. 

Je-kyun then asks Seung-Jo why he’s working with Lee Sung-joo, knowing the history between them. It turns out, Je-Kyun had a hand in making Lee Sung-joo Sang-Ah Group’s chairman back when Chan-joo became the chairman. 

Later, Chan-joo is talking on the phone in the restroom with someone about his altercation with Lee Sang-joo earlier. He even comments on putting Lee Sang-joo back in his place. Lee Sang-joo happens to walk in on that conversation, which makes him mad and they start fighting. The fight escalates to Chan-joo hitting Lee Sang-joo with his car while Lee Sang-joo is in his car. 

Ho-woo is on his way home from work one day when he sees a young boy with his father. He fondly remembers Jang In-Ho, and this gives him more motivation to continue investigating what exactly happened to Haebit Construction. 

Elsewhere, Son Hye-won and Yang Jae-hwan are still having marital issues. What’s worse, Yang Jae-hwan just discovered he has acute methanol poisoning that’ll cause him to go blind. It turns out he came into contact with methanol while on one of his integration checks. 

A couple of days pass, and Yeon-a starts bringing Ho-woo files and documents he needs for his investigation, even though he didn’t ask. Ho-woo finally asks Yeon-a why she’s helping him. Yeon-a tells him that she just wants to help him. But it’s already clear that she has romantic feelings toward him. 

Yeon-a and Ho-woo are at Kong Hee-sam’s café discussing PEF HK Private Equity one night. Ho-woo still hasn’t seen “AN”, who’s the main operator of PEF HK Private Equity and the person who sent funds to PEF HK Private Equity to buy off Haebit Construction. He even garnered the courage to ask Chan-joo, who is the main operator behind PEF HK Private Equity, but, Chan-joo doesn’t tell him anything. They decide to give their research another chance. 

While researching one evening, Ho-woo notices a major problem with a particular document containing information about a ship being bought under Sang-Ah Shipping. Evidence points to An Seung-yeon buying the ship, which most likely proves that she is the main operator of PEF HK Private Equity. Unfortunately, Ho-woo quickly realizes An Seung-yeon isn’t PEF HK Private Equity’s main operator. 

Ho-woo and Yeon-a are at Taeil Accounting Firm’s filing room once again trying to piece the fragments of information they have. Just then, boxes fall from the shelf where Yeon-a was standing, and Ho-woo quickly goes to cover her from getting hurt. There’s a cutesy moment between them for a couple of minutes before Ho-woo notices documents with a name he spotted as one of the patent holders of PEF HK Private Equity. 

The episode ends with Ho-woo finally putting two and two together and realizing that Je-Kyun is the “AN” he’s been looking for! 

Episode Review

Je-kyun just keeps on surprising us with each passing episode. We have now found out that he is the main operator of PEF HK Private Equity. So many questions come to mind after this bombshell discovery. But, the main one is if  Jang Ji-soo knows Je-kyun holds a major role at PEF HK Private Equity. 

Je-kyun now knows Ho-woo is too smart for him. He normally has people like Hyeong-woo who humble themselves and follow orders without any questions. But, here is Ho-woo, who has to do almost everything. There’s a strange remark Chan-joo had made about Je-kyun and Ho-woo resembling each other. Does he know something? Or did he just make an innocent comment?

Yeon-a and Ho-woo are slowly growing closer, which is nice to see. However, it seems Yeo-jin isn’t settling well with their friendship. 

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