Nowhere Man – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

Calm Before The Storm?

Episode 5 of Nowhere Man sees Jing-Fang awaken Ah Quan, who refuses to let her go, hugging her tightly. While they do, Bai Lan asks about the kidnapped child as she’s driven down at the docks. After some initial hostility toward her driver, she eventually gets on the move, en-route to Ah Quan and the others.

One month after the sentencing, we cut back to 2010 to find Bai Lin finding Gui and talking to him about the next steps. She mentions Boss Qui to him before going on to explain the benefits she can offer by them working together. Realizing he doesn’t have much of a choice, he begrudgingly decides to work with her.

Back in the present day, Inspector Yang sifts through the archives from that day, where he realizes that Wan is the mastermind behind the escape. It’s here we also see Bai Lang arrive at the safe-house with the others, where she and Xiao San wind up flirting and making love. At the same time, Ah Quan and Jing-Fang discuss the fate of their son, before he throws his arms around her and tells her it’ll be okay. She outright asks if he killed someone and, unable to lie, apologises for what happened.

Despite the situation feeling awkward, they wind up kissing together before Inspector Yang arrives and slaps Quan across the face. As the two fight, she pleads with Yang not to involve the police as the group discuss moving locations to prevent becoming a target As the episode closes out, we receive another montage segment of our characters, acting as a proverbial deep breath before all hell breaks loose.

Much like the other episodes, Nowhere Man has a real issue with pacing and over halfway through the series now, this Chinese Original looks like it’s going to adopt this right the way through its run time. Although the montage at the end is a nice touch and there’s some good flashback scenes dotted through the episode, for the most part, Nowhere Man delivers another pretty standard slice of drama here.


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