Not Dead Yet – Season 1 Episode 2 “Not a Tiger Yet” Recap & Review

Not a Tiger Yet

Episode 2 of Not Dead Yet starts with Nell reporting to work and confiding in Sam that she has been having a hard time with work. She has been seeing every ghost that she has written an obituary for. Who knew ghosts could be so judgy? Damn! On the other hand, Sam can’t understand her struggle, she is enjoying her work as a lifestyle editor.

Nell also has an issue with an intern, Mason who keeps following and glaring at her. It turns out that Mason is feeling jealous since she was given his former office. He declares an intern war and sets out to outshine Nell even when she points out she is not an intern.

Meanwhile, Lexi is having a crisis of her own, the newspaper is not doing well. She wants to get buzzy stories that young people can relate to.  Nell asks for a chance to pitch but Lexi tells her she wants something young and relatable. She says Nell only covers the old and dead.

Later, Dennis gives her a new assignment to cover the death of a popular motivational speaker, Jane. Jane convinces Nell to take a chance and get her “tiger” on. After seeing  Mason get close to Lexi and being invited to a meeting Nell decides to unleash her inner tiger.

Jane coaches her and helps her become more passionate and determined. She even gets the courage to stand up to Edward about his strict rules in the house. Upon hearing the case Edward is working on, she thinks it would make a great story and pursues it.

She manages to write the story and tries to get Sam to help her talk to Lexi about it. Sam turns down her request and asks her to focus on the obituaries and stop trying to skip some steps.  Nell decides to approach Mason and they strike a deal. He will upload the article behind Dennis’ back and she gives him back his office.

Lexi immediately calls Nell and Dennis to her office once the article is up. She is not pleased with Nell’s article and takes it down. She is about to fire Nell as she has lost the one chance she had but Sam convinces her to let Nell stay. Lexi admits that Nell is a good writer and that they have been getting great reviews about her obituaries. She asks her to focus on that and stop trying to get ahead of herself.

Nell realizes that she has been focusing so much on what she is not doing that she forgot to take in the present. Sam tells her that she should enjoy her job instead of thinking she should be doing something else. Nell is proud that she has been doing well with the obituaries.

She writes Jane’s obituary and heads home. Edward also tells her that he just realized that her job gives comfort and closure to many people. They agree to communicate better as roommates. The episode ends with them going to visit Cricket, Morty’s wife at her bar. Cricket is having a hard time with how everyone has been treating her like a fragile child since Morty died. She is glad that Edward is treating her differently and being honest.

The Episode Review

Nell has been so focused on where she would have been if she didn’t follow Philip to London.  She keeps comparing her life to her friends and regrets her life choices. In the midst of all this regret, she is missing out on the fact that she is slowly getting on her feet. However, this chapter is a slight improvement over the first.

I am also curious about what happened with Philip in London. What was she doing in London and why didn’t she advance her career there? We’ll have to wait and find out.

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