Movies and Shows coming to Paramount+ UK in November 2023

This month on Paramount+, David Oyelowo stars as legendary lawman Bass Reeves, Nathan Fielder and Emma Stone fall under a curse, and there’s a second serving of comedy from Kenan and Kel at Good Burger!

Check out this month’s highlights below and then keep scrolling to take a look at some of the other titles landing on Paramount+ UK this November.

Please note: To the best of our knowledge, this list is correct at the time of writing but Paramount’s schedule may be subject to change.

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Lawman: Bass Reeves

Release Date: November 5

From executive producers Taylor Sheridan and David Oyelowo, Paramount’s new western series tells the untold story of the first Black U.S. Marshal, Bass Reeves. The first two episodes of the 6-part series will be released on this date. 


(The series is) about the legendary lawman Bass Reeves, one of the greatest frontier heroes and one of the first Black deputy U.S. marshals west of the Mississippi River in American history. (source)

NCIS: Sydney

Release Date: November 10

NCIS fans will want to tune into this new series of the police procedural which relocates from the US to sunny Sydney! It would be a crime to miss it! 


“With rising international tensions in the Indo-Pacific regions, the eclectic team of US NCIS Agents and Australian Federal Police (AFP) have been grafted into a multi-national taskforce designed to keep naval crimes in check in “the most contested patch of ocean on the planet.” (source)

The Curse – Season 1

Release Date: November 11

Nathan Fielder is most well-known for his comedy reality series Nathan For You, wherein he helps local businesses by coming up with crazy marketing ideas. This new comedy sees Fielder taking on a rare acting role alongside Emma Stone in a story of a newly married couple who fall under a curse. Here’s hoping its as funny as the aforementioned show.


“The Curse is a genre-bending drama series that explores how an alleged curse disturbs the relationship of a newly married couple as they try to conceive a child while co-starring on their new HGTV show.”

Good Burger 2 (2023)

Release Date: November 23

The first Good Burger movie can in no way be considered a comedy classic but it has picked up a cult following over the years. That movie’s stars Kel Mitchell and Kenan Thompson reunite for this second serving of the silly antics of the original.


“Dexter Reed is down on his luck after another one of his inventions fails. Ed welcomes Dex back to Good Burger with open arms and gives him his old job back. With a new crew working at Good Burger, Dex devises a plan to get back on his feet but unfortunately puts the fate of Good Burger at risk once again.” (source)

One Night – Season 1

Release Date: November 24

Jodie Whittaker may have left the Tardis but she hasn’t left our television screens. She stars in this new Australian drama series about 3 women whose bond was broken due to traumatic events from their past. 


The series follows Tess, Simone and Hat, three friends whose lives have been changed by the traumatic events of one night in their home town twenty years previously. After that night, only Hat remained in the town, but they all reunite when Simone comes back to look after her father with dementia, and Tess brings her wife and kids from the UK to spend a year in Sydney. Without telling the other two, Simone has written a novel, One Night, about what happened to them. As it becomes a bestseller, the women relive the painful memories and discover old secrets. (source)

Notable Additions

November 21

Love Rats – Season 2 (Volume 2)

The dating world is a breeding ground for manipulative criminals as this second season of Love Rats demonstrates. Should you be swiping left?

November 23

One Trillion Dollars – Limited Series

In this miniseries, a bike courier becomes the richest person on earth through a mysterious inheritance. 

Also Streaming…

November 2

Star Trek: Lower Decks – Season 4 (finale)

November 3

Frasier: Season 1 – Episode 5

November 5

All Star Shore – Season 1 – Episode 7

November 10

Frasier: Season 1 – Episode 6

November 12

Lawmen: Bass Reeves- Season 1 (Episode 3)

November 13

All Star Shore – Season 1 (Episode 8)

November 17

Frasier – Season 1 (Episode 7)

NCIS: Sydney – Season 1 (Episode 2)

November 18

The Curse – Season 1 (Episode 2)

November 19

Lawmen: Bass Reeves – Season 1 (Episode 4)

November 20

All Star Shore – Season 1 (Episode 9)

November 24

Frasier – Season 1 (Episode 8)

NCIS: Sydney – Season 1 (Episode 3)

November 25

The Curse – Season 1 (Episode 3)

November 26

Lawmen: Bass Reeves – Season 1 (Episode 5)

November 27

All Star Shore – Season 1 (Episode 10)

November 30

One Trillion Dollars – Season 1 (Episode 3)

What will you be watching on Paramount+ this month? Let us know in the comments below. 


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