Navillera – K-Drama Episode 3 Recap & Review

Soar Like An Eagle

Episode 3 of Navillera begins with Chae-Rok saved by Deok-Chool, hurrying in and claiming he’s his manager. As they talk, Ho-Beom breaks the news that Chae-Rok’s Father is in prison for assault. Deok-Chool isn’t too bothered by this though, eventually leading to a big fight breaking out.

Deok-Chool gets involved with the youths, offering to fight on behalf of Chae-Rok. If he can win a game of billiards then Ho-Beom has to pay up. If Deok-Chool loses, he’ll dance in Chae-Rok’s place. Well, Deok-Chool wins the game, with Ho-Beom forced to hand over the money.

While Chae-Rok is downstairs, Deok-Chool confronts Ho-Beom and claims his mentor is going to soar like an eagle and he needs to leave him alone now. On the way out, Ho-Beom watches the pair drive off. Looking down at them, he promises to clip Chae-Rok’s wings.

Back at the studio, news of Chae-Rok’s part-time job leaks out. Mr Ki questions his commitment, especially given the boy is torn between both jobs.

Deok-Chool interjects midway through him being berated, telling Ki to stop scolding him. On the back of all this, Chae-Rok is told to practice on his own. With these problems buzzing around his head, Chae-Rok heads to work at the restaurant. There, he deliberates over Deok-Chool’s words about soaring. Deok-Chool’s kindness rubs off on him, as he sticks up for Eun-Ho at work and covers for her mistake. After work, Chae-Rok speaks to Eun-Ho and apologizes for the way he acted originally.

That evening, Chae-Rok does ballet alone, this time trying hard to focus and get into the groove. It’s no good though, and Mr Ki continues to berate him. Heading home, he curls up in bed and readies himself for another day.

Meanwhile, Deok-Chool readies himself for a day at the dance studio, stretching out his muscles and going for a morning run. He soon rings Chae-Rok though, giving him his wake-up call. Chae-Rok hangs up, claiming he’s too sick to go.

That’s no deterrent for Deok-Chool though, who shows up at Chae-Rok’s house, worried about the boy and intending to try and help him out.

With Se-Jong’s help, he makes porridge to help him recover. During all this commotion, Deok-Chool misses his phone ringing, which happens to be Hae-Nam. She heads out to visit Seong-Suk and Yeong-Il while they’re working, but it’s clear there are issues in their marriage.

Speaking of issues, flashes to the past reveal more issues surrounding the assault that led to Chae-Rok’s father being arrested. It turns out he beat a student during gym and she was subsequently rushed to hospital. While his Father was thrown in prison, this girl, Ye-Won, lost her life.

When Chae-Rok awakens, he finds the apartment completely clean and tidy, with porridge sitting on the stove and all his washing done. It’s a really touching moment, and one that sees Deok-Chool even sort all the containers out in the fridge – complete with an encouraging message telling Chae-Rok to keep going.

On the back of this, Chae-Rok shows up at the dance studio to help Deok-Chool. He gives encouraging words to the senior, helping him with his posture. In the office, Mr Ki and his ex wife continue to bicker and disagree about Chae-Rok’s ballet. Only, it turns out this heated discussion was all for show; a way to force Chae-Rok to continue training with Deok-Chool.

After a good training session, Deok-Chool heads home and sees Hae-Nam waiting for him, holding up his underwear from ballet. It doesn’t look good for him, as Deok-Chool sits his wife down and mentions his ballet.

Hae-Nam is not happy, completely unsupportive of his venture and claiming that he’s making a fool out of himself. She’s completely unreasonable, chopping up his clothes and telling him he should just sit at home and watch TV.

Meanwhile, Chae-Rok shows up to bid his Mother a happy birthday. Only, Mu-Yeong happens to be there already. He takes his son out for food, but it’s clear there’s hostility between the two. Eventually he walks away, struggling to hold back tears.

Chae-Rok heads to the dance studio where he finds Deok-Chool waiting for him, who admits he has nowhere else to go. Together, they head up to the rooftop and look out at the city skyline.

Deok-Chool admits he wants to do ballet no matter what, even if it means his wife doesn’t approve – he’ll just keep it a secret. These inspiring words are enough for Chae-Rok to approach Ki and tell him he’s going to enter the ballet competition after all.

Still inspired, Chae-Rok helps Dook-Cheol in the studio to hold a posture. Chae-Rok snaps photos of Deok-Chool and encourages him to share the pictures online within the family chat room.

The Episode Review

Navillera delivers another decent episode this week, with some big revelations and surprising developments. Seeing Deok-Chool and Chae-Rok learning from one another and growing closer is a really nice touch, while this whole Father/son dynamic between them is cleverly implemented into the story.

I have to say though, Hae-Nam’s attitude toward Deok-Chool deciding to take up ballet and dance is really unfair. Now, I know Korea is a conservative country but chopping up his clothes is essentially akin to her cutting his hopes and dreams.

A partner should support you no matter what and if that’s not the case, it can feel like an anchor weighing you down. Or, as Ho-Beom himself puts it, akin to cutting your wings off.

However, the courageous picture at the end of the episode is really nice way to top things off, with the differing reactions from the family members seemingly a big talking point in the episodes to come.

For now though, this Monday/Tuesday drama continues to deliver with another decent chapter!

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