Narco-Saints – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap, Review & Ending Explained


The Day of Reckoning

Episode 6 of Narco-Saints starts with Kang having a bad dream where his family is hanging on a tree as he has a confrontation with Yo-hwan. He appears to be conscious of the stakes should their plan go south once again. This is set to be the final showdown, and the stakes are higher than before.

Meanwhile, the DEA and NIS are doing a joint briefing and planning the takedown while Kang is on his way to the airport. He plans to get on the same plane with the cocaine and escape Suriname. He drives with Yo-hwan and everything is ready; all players are in place.

Just as Kang is about to board the plane, Yo-hwan suggests that Kang should remain behind. The plane leaves with the cocaine and Sangjun (one of Yo-hwan’s men). This puts a hole in their air-tight plan and the pressure raises the stakes even higher. There are a lot of moving parts in this plan and everyone needs to be on their toes to make this operation a success.

Back in Suriname, Preacher and Kang come up with a plan to make sure Yo-hwan won’t be able to run. They decide Preacher will distract the pastor while Kang sabotages his car engine. Unfortunately, the plan is ruined once Yo-hwan’s bodyguards disrupt him.

In Puerto Rico, Agent Chang-ho plays the role of Sangman once again and he goes to the airport to receive the shipment and finish the deal. Sangjun is in charge of wrapping the business up and wants to see the money before handing over the goods. This forces them to abort their first plan and go with plan B – aka. the Paramaribo style.

Sangjun is arrested successfully and the possession of drugs in a US territory is confirmed, giving them the leeway to take down Jeon Yo-hwan, the notorious drug lord.

Agent Chang-ho is trying to buy more time until they get to Suriname to arrest Yo-hwan and they get Sangjun to lie to Yo-hwan that it is all good. However, Yo-hwan is suspicious and his fears are confirmed when he receives a call from the President. The President warns him that the DEA is entering Suriname airspace to arrest him.

The moment of truth is here and Preacher reveals his identity as a NIS agent. Things are about to get hot and bullets are about to fly. Who will survive?

The DEA and NIS launch a coordinated attack on Yo-hwan’s mansion and his bodyguards scramble to protect and help him escape. The President abandons him and refuses to send the army to give him support as that would mean an attack on America.

Yo-hwan manages to flee the compound and Kang pursues him alone. What is he thinking? He is not even a trained officer. The pursuit gets heated with bullets flying all over, speeding car chases, and a helicopter pursuit as well. Kang continues to pursue Yo-hwan without backup. It seems he was hoping to personally kill Yo-hwan and get revenge for Eung-soo and himself. The DEA and NIS arrive just in time to make an arrest.

How does Narco-Saints end?

Kang is finally able to go back to his family and they are happy to have him back at home. Flash forward to six months later and he is back running his mechanic shop. He gets a visit from Chang-ho to give him two karaoke bars as part of his payment but Kang turns him down.

He wants to tell his family about his job with NIS but Chang-ho tells him that NIS can never publicly acknowledge his part in the takedown.

The Episode Review

Narco-Saints managed to build good tension throughout and the finale didn’t disappoint. There were some cliché moments but they didn’t overwhelm the viewers. Kang gave up a lot to bring Yo-hwan to justice. He didn’t get the reward he deserved but considering everything, he was lucky to be able to return to his family alive. In the end, Narco-Saints delivers a solid final episode.

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